Farmers’ Market Recipes – Onion Quiche

I love carmelized onions.  Especially when they’re paired with cheese and half-and-half!!  🙂


Shopping at the Farmers’ Market

I think I may have bought too much stuff this week.  Oops.

Farmers’ Market Recipe: Roasted Red Onions

I love me some onions.

That is  all.  🙂

From the Farmers’ Market – Recipes!

This week, I’m making fennel salad!

Come check it out!

Shopping at the Farmers’ Market – week 3

New post up over here!

Farmers’ Market Post: Avocado Soup

A new post up at “Eating from the Farmers’ Market!”  Go check it out!  🙂

Kale Salad at the Farmers’ Market

Over this way!!  Really, REALLY good stuff.  And super-healthy!