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I’m really kicking butt at this whole “Start Writing Again” thing, huh?

Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh.  But! I console myself with the thought that I didn’t exactly kick butt with the whole “stop dieting” thing when I first started last year, either.  (Add to that the fact that it’s easier to STOP doing something than to START doing something, at least in my experience: one requires taking something out of my day, but the other requires finding the space to add something new.)

And I actually have some things to share (LUCKY YOU – ha!), but am late for work.  I needed (for myself) to post something (anything) though, just to freakin’ DO IT ALREADY.

I”m going to try and bang something out later today or tonight.

For reals.  I have THOUGHTS, yo.

(Oh God, I should never use the word “yo” again.  NEVER.)

Note to Self

That anxious bird-like feeling of beating in your chest can indeed be sedated with ice cream or alcohol.  But please remember when you get home tonight that both those things, while comforting in the short term, CONTRIBUTE to more beating feelings the next day.  Don’t get sucked into the cycle.