Operation Normal – and Some Farmers’ Market Shopping

Soooo . . . Remember last May when I decided to stop dieting?  And then the whole blog went radio-silent?  As I mentioned before, that was because I needed the mental space to let my brain sort of . . . settle, for lack of a better word.

So for the last 6 months or so, I’ve eaten what I wanted, when I wanted it.  Then those 6 months got kind of stressful, as I started a new job.  So my eating wasn’t always the best.  In fact, I probably did more than my share of stress-eating – and let’s be honest, stress-drinking, too.  But I made an effort to at least eat when I was hungry, and to pay attention to WHY I was eating during those times I knew damn well I wasn’t hungry, but was eating anyway.

I took to calling this “Operation Normal.”

Over the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve started noticing that both my eating and my drinking seem to have leveled out.  I’m not drinking as much, and I’m not eating as much crap food – and I it wasn’t a decision I made consciously, just one that seems to be evolving.  But because back in May I decided to re-assess where I was in a year, and because I knew that year was almost half over, I started reading various food books.  I finally got around to reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and I read a BUNCH of Geneen Roth’s books, and one called Real Food by Nina Planck (that last one is AMAZING).  And the more I read, the more I started thinking that rather than focus on calories, fat, protein, etc., I really wanted to think about WHAT I was eating and WHY. 

So at the end of November I started transitioning to “real” food.  I’ve been eating what’s in my freezer, but am working toward only eating raw dairy, pastured meat and poultry (and eggs), and sustainably, humanely raised fish (whether wild or farmed, depending on the fish).  I decided that further, I was going to try an experiment: for 2011, I would eat from the farmers’ market.  I’m a good cook, so I decided I would go to the market, buy whatever looked good and then figure out what the hell to do with it when I got home.  Eating locally, seasonally and intuitively all in one go!

After noodling on that for a while, I decided that (given my history of thinking things must be PERFECT) I would shoot for accomplishing the above 80% of the time.  (Thus allowing myself the occasional heat-and-eat dinner, and things like frozen spinach, which I REFUSE to give up, even if it does get trucked in from across the country.)

So I’ve been working on cleaning out my existing stash of food, and in the meantime, I’ve got a bread machine (“inherited” from Mom) and A PRESSURE CANNER (for Christmas!).  I’m super-excited about that last one, because I really want to can my own tomatoes this summer!!!!  😀

And I started a companion blog to this one: Eating from the Farmers’ Market (More or Less).  The first post over there will go up Monday, the 10th of January (after I make a farmers’ market run over the weekend, because the markets around me were closed the last 2 weekends for Christmas and the Rose Parade).  I’ll split my posting between this one and that one – this one will still be my outlet for my freak-outs and internal dialogues, and that one will be more about what’s in season, what I’m cooking, how much it cost, that sort of thing.  (I’m kind of hoping that I might be able to cull the recipes eventually and get to writing that cookbook I keep blathering on about.)  There will be more personal stuff too, but the serious neuroses will be confined to this blog.  (Lucky, lucky you.  ;D)

So there you go.  That’s the new project.  I’m not deleting any of my old posts off of here, but I also won’t be talking about calories, fat, or any of that going forward.  “Operation Normal,” remember?  And I don’t mean STATISICALLY normal, but NOT-CRAZY normal (I think the latter is actually ABnormal statistically speaking, but let’s not go there).  So it won’t be about weight (although let’s be honest – that’s what the “neurotic” caveat is for), but about health.  Real health: physical, emotional and mental.  Because Lord knows I need me some of that.


5 responses to “Operation Normal – and Some Farmers’ Market Shopping

  1. Oh, this sounds like it’s going to be fun! The Farmer’s Market idea is intriguing – I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Oh, and congratulations on the canner! With a pressure canner, you can do vegetables and meat! (I do a huge amount of canning, but don’t have a pressure canner, so stick to pickles and such. You don’t need to pressure-can tomatoes, so I do them, too.) Fun, fun fun!! 🙂


  3. Cool…that sounds like a great idea. I wish we didn’t live where it freezes up in the winter, as the farmer’s market has very little produce until spring, even with the greenhouses. Finding what you like and living well is a fantastic thing…
    I completely applaud the eating natural foods. I mad an effort to do so over the last while and I’ve found I feel better and now am more in tune with what I like the tase of and what satisfies my hunger. And now when I eat crap food (like over the holidays. ahem…) I feel tired and lethargic and generally awful until I start eatign well again.
    I’m so curious about the canner. I have my Mum’s pressure canner but have no clue what to do with it. I also love any and all new recipes. I’m looking forward to the posts 🙂

  4. Thanks, Bag Lady! I’m SO excited about that freakin’ canner! I don’t know if I’ll can meats, but I’m already looking into various vegetable recipes. I’m thinking I’d like to can these carmelized onions that I make, and also try my hand at sauces and soups. (I’d asked for a water canner for Christmas because of the tomatoes, but Mom went one better! :D)

    Thanks, Miz! I will take all the cheering on I can get!!

    Geosomin, I am not kidding when I say that if I didn’t live here, I probably wouldn’t be doing this. It would be a WAY harder undertaking than it’s going to be. That said, I’m looking forward to cooking some new stuff! (I have already discovered that I don’t like parsnips, although I’m going to try them a couple more ways before I give up completely.) And I know what you mean about being in tune with taste and satisfaction. I really find that when I eat “real” food, I end up eating LESS of it, because my body gets what it needs. Weird. Great! But weird. 😉

  5. That Baglady..all she does is can stuff, and bake stuff and EAT stuff. OH, and drink.

    I love her in spite of.

    It’s nice to see you around, ya know!?

    I’m not so sure about the canning tomatoes. Especially when they already come in a can.
    But I’m all for the bread machine. I gave one away not too long ago. I loved mine but never used it. They take up a lot of space.

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