YOU GUYS!  I’m SUPER EXCITED!  I’ve been looking for a dance class near me – I really wanted to take a ballet or jazz class.  Beginning adult ballet classes are semi-difficult to find, and beginning adult Broadway-style or classic jazz are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find – everything offered is usually funk or hip-hop, niether of which is what I wanted.

Additionally, most classes are an hour long, one day a week.  And for that, it’ll set you back an average of $40-$60 a month.  It’s just not enough bang for my buck, as far as I’m concerned.  (Yeah, I got spoiled in college – what about it?)  And the places that teach beginning ballet don’t teach anything else I want to take, and the places that teach Broadway tap and/or jazz and sometimes classic jazz rarely teach beginning ballet.  So it gets expensive to take more than one class a week REAL fast.


They have classes I would take!  For beginners!  At times I could take them!  They have TWO modern/interpretive classes and THREE – COUNT ‘EM THREE –  types of jazz (Broadway,. contemporary – which has some funk, but also other stuff – and classic) andandAND ballet!  AND ALL THE CLASSES ARE AN HOUR AND A HALF!  AND I WOULD NEVER HAVE TO GO TO THE GYM AGAIN!!!!!  I COULD JUST DANCE 6 DAYS A WEEK!!!!!

AAAAANND – guess what?  They have an “umlimited” pass that is only $125/month if you use direct debit!!  (I know that sounds like a lot, but it is SUPER SUPER cheap, especially for that many classes.)

*BEAMS*  I’m going back to dance class!!!!  (As soon as I find the cash for dance clothes and shoes . . . blech.)

*Line stolen shamelessly from one of my little sister’s posts.  😉


5 responses to “OMG, YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS!*

  1. Cool!
    I would (in my dreams, of course) love to take a dance class again. In reality, in the condition I’m in right now, it would be impossible.
    Have fun!

  2. Oh, I’m sorry BL. But! I promise to have enough fun for both of us! 😉

  3. So excited for you! I took beginning ballet in college too and loved it. The professor realized 90% of us were there for fun & exercise. Then after two semesters she left and the new professor had this snotty “this class is only for dance majors” kind of attitude and it sucked. I sooo wish I could find an adult ballet class in my town. I really hope it works out for you!

  4. It’s NEVER too late, early, anything to dance! Love your zest for it…


  5. Cool.
    I’ve found dance classes to be a helluva lot of fun…and major stress release.
    And it seems adult learn to dance classes are awesome because everyone is nervous and awkward and you all just learn and bumble along together. I’ve never had so much fun (or been so supported as I learned) than in my adult tribal bellydance class.
    Sounds like just the thing for you 🙂

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