Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends . . .

Somewhere, Shakespeare is SPINNING IN HIS GRAVE right now.  Can’t blame him.  😛

There’s a lot going on.  A lot coming up, going down, blah, blah, blah.  To be as brief as possible:
– I dig the new job!  I’m working on global concessions, which basically means that when you see Jack Sparrow’s face on a popcorn tub/drink cup, I was involved in getting it there.  I like it!  🙂
– I went back to therapy.  It was time.  I have a bunch of stuff I’m working on, including food (duh), conflict patterns from childhood, relationship patterns, all that kind of good stuff.  More on that later.
– I read “Women, Food and God,” by Geneen Roth.  I was both glad and sorry that I did – it sucks to have someone you’ve never met basically lay out all your issues on paper.  Dammit.  So I bought 2 more of her books, and have been reading them, which is digging up all my crap.  Thank god for the new therapist.
– I’m in the middle of Crystal Renn’s book, “Hungry,” which is fantastic.  Highly recommended.
– Related to the above (Roth), I stopped dieting.  Like, just recently.  Like, a week ago.  (But OFFICIALLY today.)
– And since I started really dealing with therapy and all my crap, I’ve spent the last week living on vodka and grilled cheese sandwiches in a frantic attempt to STUFF IT ALL BACK DOWN.  Good thing I’m not dieting.  (Yes, that laughter you hear is indeed tinged with a little bitterness and frustration.  But I decided I’d rather have more pain now and less pain later, than this amount of pain forever.  So.  Time to lay off the vodka and grilled cheese sandwiches and you know, DEAL WITH MY CRAP.)

Aaaaaaand the therapist (henceforth known as T) said I should keep a journal.  And it just so happens that I have this handy-dandy blog!  Which I kind of started as a journal way back in the day!  So there you go.  I don’t know how often I’ll post, though it’ll be semi-regular, and I make no promises as to interesting content.  Also, some of the posts, depending on content, may be password protected.  If you want the password (it will always be the same), you can email me at mjlmcd(at)hotmail(dot)com.

I’m back, babies!  Let the naked table-dancing begin! 

Or, you know.  Not.  😉


4 responses to “Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends . . .

  1. I’m glad to see you back, regardless of whether you are dancing naked on the tabletop… or not.
    There’s lots of stuff going on in my life, too, but nothing that requires password protection, or therapy (although, I sometimes think therapy might not be a bad idea…..) It’s just been a darned busy summer!
    Grilled chees sandwiches and vodka? There’s something wrong with that? crap.


    a lot.

  3. BL, HI!!! I’m glad to see you! And to be back! 😀 I’m still not convinced about the grilled cheese and vodka issues myself, but what the heck. I might as well try something new, right?

    Miz, me too – I’ve missed you a LOT. *hugs*

  4. I”m glad your back. I’ll keep my pants on, but I”m doing the happy dance 🙂

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