Well . . . One and a Half out of Three Ain’t Bad, Right?

Damn.  I’m not done.  But I’m closer!  Which is good.  But frustrating, because I’m NOT. FREAKIN’. DONE.

But!  I did my taxes.  I will get a nice refund, so woo-hoo!  And it will go into my 401(k), partly to protect it from immediately getting spent on grad school, and partly because I really, REALLY need to start a 401(k), now that I know I’m staying in my job indefinitely. 

And I submitted my FAFSA (federal student loan application, though I don’t know EXACTLY what the acronym stands for), which was good.  I’m waiting on a couple of emails before I can finish my financial aid applications, but I’m getting there.

So overall, yay!  (Merry, how about a *half* a picture of Hugh?  The chest half, please.  LOL! )

Aaaaaanyway.  I’m still doing ok on the food and exercise front.  I’m contemplating going back to the cooking blog, although my big stumbling block is that I always forget to take pictures of the recipes.  What do you think?  Would you make recipes if you didn’t have a picture?  Seriously: inquiring minds want to know!

In other news, I have this post I’m still (still) (still still) working on.  It’s not ready.  I think it’ll end up being one of those that I end up publishing half-assed, in the sense that I can’t make it QUITE as coherent as I want it to be.  But it doesn’t seem to be getting much more coherent, so it might end up published in one of my random, all-over-the-map posts. 

In the meantime, I’m crazy-busy.  See, my work just underwent a major regime change, followed by a restructure (that we’re still in the middle of).  So that convention that I coordinate every year?  Is a LOT BIGGER.  And MORE STRESSFUL.  Last year I was in charge of a group of about 20-25 people.  This year?  I have a group of SIXTY.  And the group is STILL. FREAKIN’. GROWING.  AND, in addition to new bosses that we’re busting our asses to impress, we have a couple of director/producers (Lasseter, the head of Pixar – think “Toy Story,” and Bruckheimer, who has his own company – think “Pirates of the Caribbean”) coming, and THEY HAVE TO BE HAPPY WITH US.  And guess who is in charge of making sure they are HAPPY WITH US?  Yeeeah.  That’d be ME.  At least as far as them being happy with advertising placement and hotel rooms and that sort of thing.  (Which makes me feel both good – because, hey! my bosses think I’m good enough to handle this! – and TOTALLY FREAKED OUT.)

Holy helllllll . . . So that’s a big part of the reason that I’ve been so . . . um . . . un-posty, lately.  Or at least, un-INTERESTING-posty, lately.  I’m pretty good at not panicking, but the stress from my bosses (and their bosses, and THEIR bosses) is definitely spilling over.  Yikes. 

And IT’S NOT UNTIL MARCH!!!!  ARGH!!  Also, there is LAW SCHOOL!!!  AAACCK!!

So that post that I really want to post?  Will get posted . . . eventually.  In the meantime, I promise to keep posting, even if it’s all uninteresting posting.  😉


19 responses to “Well . . . One and a Half out of Three Ain’t Bad, Right?

  1. Breath, Marste, breath.
    (oh, wait, should that be “breathe”? Hmmm. I seem to have lost my ability to spell. Damn. Wonder what’s gonna go next? Crap, I hate getting old.)

    Err…. sorry about the tangent.

    Obviously, I didn’t have much to say. I was just trying to help you get centered. (wait…. should that be centred? Spell Check doesn’t think so, so I maybe got that one right.)

    Okay, I’m leaving.

  2. OM
    OM (wishing I could lend a hand but since I cant I shall let YOU know I am off to meditate now and shall send come calming vibes yer way)

  3. I’d make recipes with no pictures!!!

  4. LOL, Bag Lady you always crack me up!! 🙂

    Thanks, Miz. I can feel the OM from here!

    Good to know, Chels! I will totally go back to posting recipes, then! (I might have to cross-post them here for a while, too . . . )

  5. Agree with Bag Lady – DEEEEEP BREATH!! Law school – wow!

  6. For you, Marste, I will share Hugh 🙂


  7. Thanks, Missicat. I’m hanging in there! 😀

    Merry, I LOVE YOU. For serious. THANKS!!!

  8. Ohhh yum, just followed the link to Hugh.

    Congrats and good luck with everything! My hubby is a lawyer and we started dating in law school. Hard stuff, but lots of writing-which you are great at-so I bet you will do awesome!

    I love recipes, although my 23 cookbook collection pales in comparison to yours 😉

  9. Mmmm…a little Hugh first thing in the morning *is* nice.

    Hang in there…wow…soon-law school! I think it’s great youare looking after yourself while you’re so busy.
    Good luck 🙂

  10. LOL Bjbella – didn’t that picture make it ALL WORTHWHILE? And I’m amazed at how many lawyers are coming out of the woodwork suddenly! Who knew?

    Thanks, Geosomin. I’m doing my best to take care of myself.

  11. You’d /better/ take care of yourself — don’t make me come over there and beat you up, woman! If you don’t treat yourself right, then No More Hugh for you until you do! (Now there’s a threat 😉 )

  12. misssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    hope all is ok.


  13. Did you run off to Australia to meet a handsome man?
    Are you hiding under the bed avoiding paperwork?
    Was it something we said? If so, we’re all Very Sorry.

  14. Hope you are doing well!

  15. Hello..3 weeks?

  16. I think she just doesn’t like us anymore 😦

  17. Hope you’re doing okay, just busy?

  18. Heya-hope you’re doing well…and your grand party schemes are coming together.

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