Pride Goeth Before a Fall

Ok, well not a FALL, per se.  But I was quite proud of myself for working out even when I had some slight cramps.  QUITE proud.  But then, that night there was pain-induced barfing involved.  And the next day I still hurt, so I didn’t work out.  And that night there was no barfing, but there was more pain-induced insomnia.  So I didn’t work out today.  I’m lucky I can get both my eyeballs going in the same direction.  And since my stomach hurt, I ate with an eye toward setting it rather than shrinking it.  So there was saltines and butter involved. 

So, tomorrow.  Tomorrow things will be better.  *sigh*

(Despite the occasional hellacious cramps, there’s nothing wrong with me.  I got tested years ago, and basically, sometimes my cycle just sucks.  Blech.)


10 responses to “Pride Goeth Before a Fall

  1. I feel your pain.
    No, really. I wish I didn’t.

  2. and its today

    better at all?

    PLEASE KNOW YOU CAN ALWAYS EMAIL ME, Marste (she shouts :))

  3. eep.
    Hope it’s better today.

  4. singing… The sun will come out – tomorrow!

    Hope you feel better. I noticed that I always got sick when my cycle came close to full moons – and heaven forbid the equinoxes. Not that I could anything about it.

    Another reason why I love menopause.

  5. Merry. Ouch. Sorry. It’s better today, though – hope yours is, too!

    Miz, today is MUCH BETTER. Bring on the workout! 😀 (And I totally did email you!)

    Thanks, Geosomin! It is.

    Deb, I hadn’t thought about the moon. I might have to check it out, because yeah, once or twice a year I’m laid out FLAT with this crap.

  6. Hope you are feeling better. I like the new theme, the blue swirls have a nice calm/peaceful vibe.

  7. hey. it’s tomorrow!
    it’s more than tomorrow.
    is the sun out?

  8. Thanks, Brittney! It’s showing up weird on my work computer, though. Grrr.

    Yes, Miz, the sun is out!! Big, thinky post in the works! 😉

  9. ooo, you changed the theme again! i really like this one. 🙂

    (i know, unrelated)

  10. LOL, T! I like this one better than the last one, for sure. I’m still tinkering. 🙂

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