I’m Back!!

Did you miss me?  BECAUSE I TOTALLY MISSED YOU.  Yes, all of you.  Even you, scrunching down in the back of the room: I SEE YOU.  I’ve started making the rounds again, so to speak, but I don’t think I’ve commented everywhere yet.  Soon, I promise!

I keep meaning to post here.  And then I get busy.  Really busy.  And tired.  And then it’s seven at night and I think, “I don’t need to post TONIGHT.  I’ll do it TOMORROW,” and then I go to bed and read and then fall asleep around eight.  WHAT?!  My body is still 3 hours ahead, on Florida time, ok?  Geez.  Cut a girl some slack.  (And I’ll continue to use that Florida-time excuse at LEAST until winter is over.  Because the grey skies, they make me sleeeeepy.)

No pictures, though.  I’m pretty much crap about taking pictures, especially when my baby sister is with me.  She’s is a CRACK picture-taker, so I usually end up leaving my camera in the hotel room and asking her to burn me a disc.  Which she does.  🙂  So why would I take mediocre pictures, when I can have copies of her awesome ones?  But that means that at the moment, I have no pictures.  😦

But!  We did get a picture of us with Mulan!!  And I believe that my Princess Picture Collection is NOW COMPLETE.  I think.  I have to double-check, but I’m pretty sure it is.  EXCITING, I tell you.  (Why, yes, I am a HUGE NERD, why do you ask?) 

In other news, I have been buying cookbooks by the dozen.  Ok, not literally.  I’ve been buying them one at a time.  Every week.  Sometimes twice a week.  I’m not sure why, except that somewhere along the way recently I gave myself permission to start enjoying food again.  And as odd as it sounds, I just like READING cookbooks.  I don’t even have to cook from them.  They just make me happy.  And you bet your ass there is a BIG ENORMOUS post about that coming down the pike.  Eventually.  When I feel like writing it.

I’m kind of in a weird mood tonight, in case you missed it.  Not sure why, unless it’s just that I’m so FREAKIN’ TIRED. 

Also!  I have decided to go back to being a little more high-maintenance again!  I realized VERY recently that there is a difference between someone who is genuinely low-maintenance, and someone (like me) who is only being low-maintenance because they DON’T THINK THEY DESERVE ANY BETTER.  So recently I have rekindled my romance with dresses and jewelry and perfume and hot rollers and *gasp* the Love of my Life a.k.a. The Curling Iron.  I will never again be so high-maintenance as to refuse to run out to the market makeup-free for coffee on a Saturday morning, but I’m definitely making an effort to look nice most of the time.  And it’s helping with the whole weight-loss thing in ways that loathing myself never did.   There is also a BIG ENORMOUS post coming about that.  BIGGER, even, than the OTHER BIG ENORMOUS post.  If such a thing is to be believed.

Sorry.  Part of my weird mood tonight is coming out in my even-more-than-usual abuse of capital letters and INTERNET SHOUTING.  The terrifying thing about this is that if you met me in real life, you would know that I really talk like that.  Except I don’t actually SHOUT.  I usually RAISE MY EYEBROWS FOR EMPHASIS AND TALK IN A VOICE FILLED WITH PSEUDO-SELF-IMPORTANCE.

So try to imagine it like that, ok?  Ok.

Florida was fun.  It was COLD, though.  I think the high most days was in the high 40s, low 50s (Farenheit).  Yes, I know for some of you that’s a warm spring day, but for Southern California and Florida it’s freakin’ COLD, ok?  Yeesh.  We had loads of fun at the parks, and were all glad to come home.  Partly because cramming 5 adults into 800-ish square feet of a 2-bedroom condo nearly resulted in sororicide, matricide, patricide, and . . . um . . . grown-children-icide.  So we were glad to get to Florida, and glad to leave.  You know how that goes.  😉

ANYWAY.  That’s pretty much it for now. 

And I’m back!!

There’s no place like home.  (Thank God.)


8 responses to “I’m Back!!

  1. Welcome back! My parents and sisters family are down there vacationing now. They have been taking turns calling me to complain about each other. Aren’t family vacations fun! 😉

  2. Welcome back. You sound so happy. 🙂

    “I just like READING cookbooks” – yup me too…I get bugged about it a lot, until I actually make the stuff I’ve read about and drooled over. Then I get the respect I deserve…hehe.

  3. Glad you had a great trip! Welcome back!!

  4. I enjoy a good cookbook and lots of cooking blogs.
    Foodgawker and foodporndaily.com
    woo hoo!
    Glad you are back.

  5. Yay! We missed you too. Glad you’re back.

    Your comment on my blog the other day made me smile — which, since I was clinging to my bad mood like a child with its blankie, was really pretty damn annoying 😉

  6. I’m glad you’re back! I missed you.

    I love me a good cookbook to read, too! Especially one with pictures of the food…..
    So you’re not alone in that.

  7. duuuuuuuuuuuuuude we SO MISSED YOU!!

  8. Thanks, Brittney! I’m glad to be back. Family vacations always make me feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!

    Geosomin, I know, right? I finally proved my cooking chops to my family, and they stopped giving me a hard time. Now they ask, “Are you cooking anything from that?” LOL!

    Thanks, Charlotte!

    POD, I’m a huge fan of all things foodporn. Nigella is my FAVORITE. 😀

    Hee, Merry, I SWEAR I had more cliches when I started typing, and then they all slipped my mind. Lucky for you.

    Bag Lady, you and POD and I could start a cookbook-swapping club! (Actually, there might be a good idea there . . . )


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