The Filler Post

This is really just to say that the holiday is KILLING me, time-wise, so I’m off to bed.  (My sister will be working on Christmas – she’s a flight attendant – so we’re having it a week early.  Ack!)  But on Wednesday, I have a post on how I plan out my meals for the week (it’s way easier than some people’s methods, though probably harder than other people’s), along with the recipe for the Chinese soup!  Mmmmmm, SOUP. 

I actually DO have a meal plan this week . . . which I did not adhere to today AT ALL.  So that’s the goal for tomorrow: follow the freakin’ plan.  (Is that like the yellow brick road?  It has the right number of syllables . . . )  And in the morning I will do some Beck reading, since I’m not going to do it tonight.  But!  That means I have to get up earlier, which means I’d better damn well go to bed!  So, I’m off.  (No, not THAT way.)  (Well, ok, THAT way too, but that’s not what I meant here, ok?)


6 responses to “The Filler Post

  1. When bed beckons, best bag the Beck.

  2. Hello Lovely Marste, sorry I have not been in evidence recently. I’ve found a few of your posts a little difficult to read as trying to avoid the dieting circuit right now. Still thinking of you though sweetie. Hope things are going OK.

    Lola x

  3. hang on hang on hang on!!!

    holidays feel like forever but arent 😉

    and email if I can lend a hand? a cheer? a…something?!


  4. Hope you are making it through OK! Holidays can definitely wear ya out…

  5. Hang on.
    I know it’s been a gong show for us so far…I’m hoping it actually slows down or I’m running off somewhere with my J for a few days where noone can find us.

    Just remember – sleep is your friend. 🙂

    And follow the freaking plan is perfeoct for the Yellow brick song.
    And, it’s in my head now.

  6. Ha! Crabby, that was pretty good! I’m impressed!

    Hey Lola – I sent you an email. 😉

    Thanks, Carla. I’m doing ok – just realizing that I have more to do than I have hours in the day. *wry grin*

    Missicat! You’re back! I’ll come by your blog!!!! *hugs*

    Geosomin, I’m sorry you’re having a hectic holiday, too. I swear it seems like things were easier 100 years ago when we had MORE to do. Grr.

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