Quick Question

Ok, I bought some Fage yogurt.  The plain kind, one nonfat container and one 2% (in case the nonfat really messes with my stomach).

So here’s the question: I hear people recommend eating the yogurt with honey or maple syrup or sugar-free jam (sugar-free jam???  WTF??), and I understand that.  Most yogurts sold in the store are sweet.

But what about savory yogurts?  I MUCH prefer salt to sugar (I’m working on the salt thing, but one thing at a time, ok?).  I thought about mixing in a little Lipton Onion Dip (yes, really) and just eating it.  Or some homemade ranch dressing mix.  Maybe some sun-dried tomatoes and some pesto sauce? 

I don’t know.  I hear the taste of Fage is similar to sour cream, so I was trying to think of the creamier dips that I like to eat.

Any ideas?  Suggestions?  I will happily be the guinea pig for any savory combinations you think might be good.  (Well.  Subject to whether or not *I* think I would like them, of course.)  Because if I could eat something that tasted like onion dip for a SNACK . . . well, I might never eat anything but Fage yogurt again.  (Would that be bad?  ;D)


5 responses to “Quick Question

  1. Oooh pick me, pick me! I hardly ever sweeten my Greek yogurt. I much prefer it savory. I make a mean veggie dip out of the yogurt, a bit of low-fat mayo, dill and garlic salt. Sometimes I add a spicy curry or hot pepper powder. Or I’ll chop up onions, celery, carrots, red peppers and crush a clove of garlic to mix in and eat it on top of lentil soup or beans. Sometimes I make a tzatziki-like sauce by finely chopping cucumbers and mixing them in the yogurt with fresh mint and a squeeze of garlic. Today I mixed my yogurt into a bowl of gazpacho. Possibilities are endless!

  2. You, Charlotte and I could all hang together and eat veggies dipped in savoury yogurt…. yum!!

    I cannot abide yogurt with sweet stuff – I will not tell you what it reminds me of, but it starts with v and the rest of the word means to get rid of something…. hey, I just realized that vomit is omit with a v in front. Holy crap. When you vomit, you are omitting …. OMG! And I honestly haven’t been smoking anything stronger than cigarettes….. just one of those stupid, totally useless tangents my mind wanders off on.
    Okay, I’m back. I would totally make tzatziki sauce with the yogurt, or add a bunch of spices for dipping veggies….

  3. YAY! You guys are awesome! I did mix in some homemade ranch dressing mix with half of one container, and a little homemade onion dip into the other half, just to see.

    AND OMG, it was SO good. Totally veggie-worthy. 😀

    But the nonfat DID do a number on my stomach. *wrinkles nose* I’m thinking I’ll try the 2% next.

  4. Hi–first time commenter here. I love making tzatziki with my greek yogurt, but I make it big and full of veggies so the yogurt is more of a vehicle for the veggies than a food in and of itself. If you can get them in the winter, use fresh mint or dill; it makes all the difference in the world. Somewhere between sweet and savory is roasted squash with greek yogurt mixed with Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter–I found it in a poorly stocked Jewel in my area so I think it’s readily available). I cut the squash in spears and dip it in, making sure to get a little Sunbutter along with every blob of yogurt. Something that could be either breakfast or dessert–what’s better than that?

  5. Thanks, Deranged Housewife! (Man, I can’t even TYPE that without giggling!) Also – HOW HAVE I BEEN MISSING YOUR BLOG?? I’m totally adding you to my blogroll. 😀

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