Tuesday Fluff

My Thinky Thoughts have rendered my brain incapable of anything real for a day or two (or three).

So if you haven’t see the Twilight movie reviewed in LOLCat form (yes, really), you need to.  You really, really NEED to.
(Via Kate Harding.)

In the “progress report” realm, my exercise streak is still intact, and I’m SUPER PROUD OF MYSELF.  Woo-hoo!  Tomorrow’s Beck exercise is on overcoming cravings, but the weird thing is that I don’t really have cravings very often.  Seriously.  Since I started doing the Intuitive Eating thing, I don’t particularly crave foods all that frequently.  And PMS won’t be for another 3 weeks or so.  (TMI, I know, I know.)  The only thing I hate about this assignment is that there is writing involved during the day.  I have to write down what I’m craving, and how strong the craving is.  And then if I crave it later, I do the same thing.  It’s not a big deal in and of itself, but it’s a pain in the ass to remember when I’m trying to, you know, WORK.  That thing they pay me to do for 8 hours every day.  *snark, snark, bitch, complain*  Plus I’m supposed to go to Disneyland tomorrow night.

That’s right; tomorrow is the Disney Family Holiday Party, where they shut down the park for the night and only admit employees and their families.  I’m going with my godfather, and I’m TOTALLY COUNTING wandering around the park as my exercise for tomorrow.  I AM, SO THERE.  The only thing I’m a little apprehensive about is dinner out at the park.  It’s not a place conducive to making healthy choices, you know?  So I’ll make the best choices I can, and keep my fingers crossed.  *makes nervous faces*

There may not be a post tomorrow, since I’ll be out late.  Woo-hoo!  Talk to you all on Thursday morning!!  😀


8 responses to “Tuesday Fluff

  1. Still snickering about the New Moon review… LOL… 😉

  2. Merry, seriously. I think my favorite part was Edward-cat’s eyebrows. Either that or “da boss vampiors!” *dies laughing*

  3. man Id LOOOOOVE to be going with you!!

    hope the next post includes some pics? or do they strip you of yer cameras when you go inside for the “special” events?!

  4. Disneyland? For a Family Holiday party? That would be SO cool!!
    I missed the party at my work place because the weather was nasty – can I come to yours instead?? 🙂

  5. Miz, if you were in CA, you could totally come! No pics, though: I forgot my camera. 😦

    Come on, BL! But hurry; the last bus leaves at 6:00 Pacific time! 😉

  6. Loved the lolcats. Thanks 🙂

  7. I am counting down the 3 weeks. How fun. Something with which to look forward. PMS. YOURS. 😉

  8. Oh yes, I checked out the LOLcats – made my whole day and I haven’t even seen the movie! Love it.

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