Thank You

Thank you to the folks who commented on my last post.  I was really floundering, and you helped a lot.  T even left a comment with a make-your-own-circuit, which I TOTALLY did tonight.  It took me 8 minutes, and the thought of doing it made me want to cry, but I figured I could do anything for 2 circuits.  So I did.  And it helped: it was one less thing to feel like I’d failed at, which I TOTALLY NEEDED TONIGHT.  So, thanks, T!

In other news, look!  A Christmas theme!  Now when they add the “snow” that falls, I’ll be REALLY excited.  😀

In still OTHER other news, I did my 8-minute workout tonight, and I made dinner.  Both of those things were big for me tonight.  Now I’m off to re-read some of my Beck book.  I’m catching up again, since I got hung up on the exercise chapter and then GROUND TO A HALT on the “realistic goal” chapter.  Ahem.  So I’m putting some things back together.  I’ve been carting my food journal around without actually writing in it.  Turns out it doesn’t work by osmosis.  Damn.  So I need to start doing that again.  And the exercise.  And getting enough sleep.  But at least I feel like I’m covered for food and exercise the rest of the week.  So I can focus on getting enough water, enough sleep, and tracking my journal.  Those are the big things. 

And I really need to give some thought to how exactly I am going to motivate myself going forward.  How to drag my ass through the day when I’m struggling.  I’m not sure how to do that yet, but obviously I need to consider it.

At the moment, my mood has swung pretty far back toward “manageable.”  Tune in tomorrow to see if it sticks!  *rolls eyes*


9 responses to “Thank You

  1. wow

    you look PRETTY!!!

    when was the switch? where have I been?!

  2. LOL! Did it late last night. 🙂 You didn’t miss anything!

  3. Awww…I love the seasonal look!

    (and the positive attitude)

  4. LOL Tricia, does grim determination count as a positive attitude? 😉

  5. Love the new look (so festive!) and am sorry I didn’t comment on your previous post (just read it tonight) so allow me to offer you all my hugs and support now!

  6. Like Charlotte, I came late to the previous post. Is there room for a couple more hugs and some more support?

  7. Charlotte and Merry, there is ALWAYS room for hugs and support!! Thank you both; I’m really lucky to have so many blogging friends! 😀

  8. you’re welcome – i’m glad it helped!

    also, love the look and the little snowflakes that are falling on my screen. hee! 🙂

  9. It did help – A LOT. And I love the snowflakes! I live in Los Angeles, so this is about as close as I get to snow! I’ll take whatever I can get, LOL!

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