Grinding . . . To . . . A . . . Halt. (Also known as “That Sneaky Bastard, Self-Sabotage”)


First off, I just added a page at the top: One Week at a Time.  I have this habit of starting new healthy behaviors and then forgetting them a week or two later, when I add a new batch.  So now I have them all in one place.  🙂

In other news . . . I’m feeling SUPER un-motivated right now.  I just don’t really give a damn, although I know that the only reason I don’t is because I might start making progress, and yanno, change is scary.  In fact, I don’t really even want to write this post.  I would like to go eat some pasta, curl up in a blanket and watch TV until my eyeballs fall out.

But I won’t.  Dammit.

This month I’ve decided that I’m going on an exercise streak.  I’m going to get some exercise every day, no matter what.  It’s a little overwhelming and scary to think about, I can’t lie.  But I figure I can always find 20 minutes to squeeze in a DVD, even if I don’t do an hour, so that’s something, right?    (And yes, I DID say that I was going to start this last week.  And NO, I did not follow through.  I’m thinking Thanksgiving week was probably not a good week to start a challenge like this.)

Anyway.  That’s really all I have today.  I have to go home tonight and do a DVD, and I have to pull my act back together as far as the Beck stuff and whatever else is concerned.  I don’t want to – but I want to repeat my usual cycle even LESS than I want to pull myself up.  So pulling myself up it is.


5 responses to “Grinding . . . To . . . A . . . Halt. (Also known as “That Sneaky Bastard, Self-Sabotage”)

  1. I can so relate to making lists of changes and then forgetting them a week later! I’m totally the same way. Good luck with your new system – you can totally do this!

  2. I hear ya.

    I was SO good today….. had my usual fiber-type cereal for breakfast, took a salad and a bagel to work for lunch. Work was insane, then I had to run some errands. Finally got home, put the groceries away, cleaned the mess in the kitchen left by my dear one, (grrr), and have been stuffing my face with everything I can lay hands on ever since!! AAAARRRGGGHHHH.

  3. All right, woman, you asked for it. I’m cracking the whip. crack!

    I want to come back to this blog and read that you’ve done your exercise, or else!
    Or else what, Merry?

    Well, um, I haven’t worked out the details yet. But I promise you there will be guilt. And nagging. And stuff like that.

    Unless those things don’t work to get you motivated and exercising, in which case I’ll skip them.

    For the record, I am now going to back away from the keyboard and go fraternize with Orlando Manuel, my treadmill.

  4. how went the dvd? I have to say Im rarely a workout dvd fan (which few exceptions) and have a BAD ASS one I LOVED which Im reviewing tomorrow.


  5. Ha! Charlotte, that’s one of the things that frustrates me most – RE-realizing that I should be doing X! And hey! Turns out I WAS doing X just a couple of weeks ago! AND I’VE TOTALLY FORGOTTEN! Grrrr . . .


    LOL, Merry, you’re hilarious. How’s Orlando?

    Miz, the dvd . . . um, went. But I DO like that one: turns out I’m a fan of the 30-day Shred, which is totally annoying and boring – but ONLY 25 MINUTES LONG. Short length makes up for a LOT of annoying and boring, at least in my book. 😉

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