First, thank you all for weighing in (ha! I’m so punny!) on the last couple of posts.  It was helpful to get some feedback on that, so I really appreciate it!

In other news, I went to see my mom this weekend, and we did NOT drink, EVEN THOUGH we went over to my late grandpa’s house, and I was kind of a wreck afterward.  I actually poured a glass of scotch and then decided to have dinner before I drank it.  And I had dinner, and then decided I didn’t “need” the alcohol.  So . . .

YAY, ME!!!

(Although there was some butter-laden popcorn involved.  But frankly, I considered that a “win” over the scotch, so I was ok with it.)

And we went to lunch on Saturday AND Sunday, and both days I ordered something reasonably healthy.  (I had quiche and salad on Sunday to settle my stomach – I needed a little grease – but I did NOT have french fries, so again, a partial win there.)

This week is Exercise Week.  I already planned out all my workouts for the week (even Thanksgiving Day).  I have mostly exercise DVDs, and in an effort not to feel overwhelmed, I purposely only chose ones that were 30 minutes or shorter.  For now, that seems more manageable, and 6 days of 30 minutes is still 3 hours of exercise this week, so I’m good with it.  In a few weeks I’ll go back to 45-60 minutes, but for the moment, this is good.  It’s not “all-or-nothing,” which is a HUGE improvement over my usual methodologies, so hooray!  🙂

How was your weekend?


4 responses to “Whew!

  1. Congrats on your accomplishments this weekend!

  2. Thanks, Tricia! It sounds weird to say, but I think I’m actually prouder of myself for just doing a LITTLE than if I’d jumped straight into the deep end. Moderation is proving a tough thing to learn. 😉

  3. Moderation is great stuff, I seem to rebel against even the idea of perfection these days, very counterproductive for me. You may soon find that you really like the way exercise makes you feel, and start enjoying it. Congratulations on easing into it slowly.

  4. Thanks, Julie! I do like the way exercise makes me feel, and after a few days, I start looking forward to it again. Bu that “getting started” bit is freakin’ HARD.

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