Quick Hit for the Weekend

Ok, so after looking at yesterday’s post about exercise, I have to say that I noticed something.  And I don’t really like it. 

I noticed that most of my delaying, most of my obssessing, most of my “need” to find the “perfect plan,” is due to one thing: I don’ wanna.  Seriously.  I read through that this morning again and thought, “All any of that really boils down to is whining.  And I need to accept that if I want to lose weight in a healthy manner, and keep it off, there are things I’m going to have to do that I might not want to do.  Not at first, and maybe not ever.”

*sigh*  OK.  FINE.

Also, I’m headed home to spend the weekend with Mom.  I’m really looking forward to it, but it presents a challenge.  Usually, when we get together we drink WAY too much wine, stay up WAY too late, and (I) end up eating my way through at least one bag of (insert substance made of flour and fat or sugar).  I already talked to Mom, and neither one of us really wants to do that this weekend, so at least we’re on the same page.  But in the past that hasn’t always meant that we followed through.  So I’m putting this out there today so that I have to report in on Monday.  I’m hoping that will provide additional impetus to stay on the straight and narrow.  😉

Have a good weekend!


7 responses to “Quick Hit for the Weekend

  1. Hope it’s a great weekend! It’s great you and your mom are on the same page. Count it as a victory if you have a good time and only indulge in SOME of the indulgences. Every little bit helps!

  2. Have a great weekend!

    I’ll drink the wine and eat the junk FOR you. It’s a big sacrifice, but it’s one I’m willing to make, just for you! 🙂

  3. Here, Bag Lady, please take these cupcakes too… 🙂

  4. Good luck this weekend! I like Crabby’s advice about moderation. Not that I’m good at that, mind you, I just think it’s good advice;)

  5. I have a friend who I went walking with last week, who just got a new job, and won’t have time to exercise. I don’t understand, and she is stunned about how it’s priority #1 for me. She has to study/watch tv/doesn’t feel like exercising, her neighborhood is scary (no, very safe), her treadmill is boring, etc. Yet she insists that she wants to lose weight, but people keep sabotaging her by bringing pizza and cake to work. It’s not my job to convince her of anything, so I just tell her that if it becomes important enough to her, she’ll get serious about it. In the meantime, I’m going to change the subject when she starts whining about how hard losing weight is, yet won’t actually get to it. So yes, looking for perfection is stalling. Unless you’re really in training for something, it doesn’t even matter so much what kind of exercise you do, just do something. Or accept that you hate exercise, and don’t want to do it. It’s all good.

  6. Hope you have a nice weekend.
    There’s something about going home that’s comforting and makes you want to eat, drink and be merry isn’t there?
    I hope you both are able to have a little and leave it at that.

    I agree with Julie. For me the big thing (besides not eating enough for 2 people anymore) was to just do something. Every day. Not perfection…and not stop if I screwed up. I treated it like a chore…like cleaning the house or whatever. Just part of my day to do and get done. It won’t always be fun, but you will ifnd things that are fun…honest 🙂
    Heh…of course I say this still in a rut after injuring myself this summer and not being able to find my groove again. But tomorrow morning is back to my quest for groove.

  7. Ha! Crabby, things DID go well, but I have to admit that generally neither Mom nor I am good at “some” indulgences.

    Thanks, Bag Lady! I definitely appreciate it. So does Merry, apparently! LOL!

    Yeah, Charlotte, I know. Moderation is a hard thing though, isn’t it?

    Julie, I’m just now getting to a point where I’m starting to realize in a SANE manner that there are just things I’ll have to do. But I’m also working hard to remember that I can at least START small. So 30 minutes of exercise instead of an hour, at least to start, is still better than nothing. This middle ground is weird, though.

    Geosomin, I think for now, that’s exactly how I have to look at it: as something I might not want to do, but as something that is necessary. Like laundry, LOL. The really funny thing is that I know – I KNOW – that after a week or two, I’ll like exercising again. It’s definitely the getting started that’s tough.

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