Ok, I didn’t have time to post this last week, but I wanted to at least give you a quick rundown of my Florida trip.  🙂

Arrived!  Hooray!  Staggered off to the hotel room, ordered room service and went to bed!

Finally had a chance to actually LOOK at my room!  Check out the view:
The view from my room

I even had a little balcony – big enough to have coffee on in the morning!A teeny balcony

And what would a hotel room be without Hidden Mickeys?  Look closely at the lamp base . . .
Lamp 1
Closer . . .
See it?  It’s an upside-down Mickey!  The light switch rests between his ears.  🙂  There are Hidden Mickeys ALL OVER all the hotels and resorts, both in Florida and California!

Here’s another one, nestled in a mirror’s frame:
Mickey 2
And a slightly more abstract one, in another mirror’s frame:Mickey 3

Neat, huh?  😀

After admiring all the Mickeys, I headed over to the convention center to pick up 18 goody bags and credentials for my executives.

Credentials and laptops for distribution, spread over the other bed:

And the goody bags, lined up for drop-off:

Goody bags!These were for “How to Train Your Dragon,” which Dreamworks is releasing soon. 
The bag:
Goody Bag exteriorInside:
Open goody bagAnd one more:
Inside the goody bag
What was in the goody bag?  ALL KINDS OF CANDY AND STUFF:

After I got back to the hotel, I spent the next several days distributing laptops, goody bags, credentials, etc.  I drove my bosses around to various meetings, and made sure the restaurant reservations were all taken care of. 

Early in the week it RAINED LIKE CRAZY.  Remember that view from my room?  This is what it looked like that day:
Rain!Believe it or not, the rain on the window pane is not what’s obscuring the view.  The impact of the rain hitting the lake kicked up so much water from the lake itself that it created a mist that hung over the lake until the rain let up.  Crazy, right?

But after that it let up, and the rest of the week was not rainy.  Humid.  Humid like WHOA.  Humid like all I had to do was STAND STILL and I would sweat.  It was seriously gross, and I was so glad to get back to California!

But before CA, my youngest sister came out and we played at DisneyWorld!! 
Friday night

Um.  We were a little tired, obviously!  🙂

The next day, we saw this guy in a show at Epcot France:

Epcot - French Pavilion
Dude, he got so high up there, it was incredible!  I think he put two more chairs on top of that one.  He got so high up that my little sister couldn’t get both him and the surrounding crowd into the camera frame!

And that pretty much wrapped up the week.  Lots of running and gunning, a little playing to cap it all off, and boy was I glad to come home!  🙂

Seriously.  I have the coolest job EVER.


3 responses to “DisneyWorld!

  1. Ooh, I have a chance to ask the expert!

    My co-worker, who grew up in India, is looking for a place to go on vacation this month.

    If you had to choose one, which would you choose: Disney Land or Disney World? Imagine that you’re an engineer with children (3 and 7) and a shopping-loving wife.

  2. LOVE the pictures! Especially the view and the balcony. I wanna sit there and drink coffee (or something stronger!) and relax. It looks gorgeous, even in the rain (although I probably wouldn’t actually sit out there in the rain…. I’m crazy, but I’m not stupid!)

    Thanks for posting these – love the picture of you and your sister, too – you both look so cute!

    I’m going back to stare at the picture of the balcony now….

  3. Hey Merry, I just sent you an email!

    BL, it was beautiful. The view at night with all the surrounding businesses lit up was AMAZING, too. (I actually did try to go out in the rain to take a picture without the window pane in the way. When I opened my door a teeny bit, the rain was coming down so hard that it was SIDEWAYS, and the 6-inch breadth of me that wasn’t sheltered behind the door was immediately soaked through! It was pretty wild.)

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