Let the Games Begin!

I love doing these conventions, but they are definitely killers.  It kind of reminds me of working as an extra in film and TV: there’s a lot of “hurry up and wait.”  Today I spent most of my day in my hotel room, waiting for various calls from my executives (18 in all) to tell me they were available, and ask me to bring their convention credentials and their goody bags down to them (and sometimes their loaner laptops).  It mainly consists of watching too much TV, and then all at once racing all over the hotel to drop things off (since a lot of them fly in on the same flights, and therefore arrive at the hotel all at once).  Then, there’s another hour or two (or sometimes three) of time to kill – still without leaving my hotel room, since I never know when they’ll need me – followed by more racing around.

And in and around that, I checked my three top-ranking executives into their suites and made sure their laptops were set up and their refrigerators stocked with drinks – all before they arrived in the afternoon. 

It sounds more time-consuming than it is.  😉  My biggest hurdle is not ordering piles of room service or gorging myself on crackers, since I’m a HUGE boredom eater.  *wince*  Thank God for good novels!

Usually I get all my credentials and bags distributed as the executives arrive, and then I have some time off to do some shopping or wander around the parks.  But this year Disney isn’t doing an event (meaning we’re not screening a new movie at this convention), so my guys aren’t in a hurry to get their stuff.  Counter-intuitively, this makes my job HARDER, because until I drop all the stuff off, I can’t really leave my room, at least not for longer than an hour or so.  It also means that I’m more likely to get early-morning phone calls, as my guys realize that hey! maybe they DO want to go to that event that starts in an hour! and my job is to be ready to bring them their stuff.  Which is fine, unless there’s a 3-hour time difference, and I’ve been up late the night before dropping other bags and credentials off.  Then it’s a little tougher.  *wry smile*

But I have to admit that I LOVE it.  The part of me that thrives on planning parties, on making sure that things come off without a hitch, that knows how to ensure that everything will be JUST SO, lives for these trips.  I enjoy the high-pressure requests (and in fairness, I enjoy bitching about them ALMOST as much).  😉  So when someone asked me at 10:30 on Sunday night if I could get their convention registration upgraded in time for the 9:00am event Monday morning, I hauled ass over to the convention hotel at 8:00am the next morning and got the registration upgraded, got back to the hotel we’re staying at, got the credential dropped off and the extra mouse for the computer with it – and I did it in time for the morning event.  I LIVE for that crap.

I also carved out some time this morning to go over to the convention area and drop off a DVD and a nightshirt from “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” to the woman who was my contact on the Florida end.  I’ve gotten very good over the last two years at building goodwill with the convention folks.  And don’t misunderstand, because it’s not smarmy; this woman was SUPER-helpful, and honestly, giving her a DVD and some upcoming-movie-stuff was the least I could do.  (Plus it’s one of the things I love about these conventions: giving stuff away!  Woo-hoo!)

Most of the rest of the day I spent in my hotel room, reading and taking pictures of all the hidden Mickeys.  Um.  You might be sorry next week that I brought my camera.  I have a LOT of pictures, ok?  And if you didn’t know what a Hidden Mickey was before now, well, BOY DO I HAVE EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU NEXT WEEK!!  Well.  It’s exciting if you’re a Disney nerd like me.  😉

And now I’ve just returned from dinner with one of my 3 “big bosses.”  I had fish, but it was in no way low-fat, low-cal, low-anything.  It was VERY good though, and really, I don’t eat at 3- or 4-star restaurants very often, so I thoroughly enjoyed the meal.  (No pictures, though.  I might have a hard time explaining that to my big boss!  LOL!)  So now, I’m off to bed.  I already can’t wait to sleep in my own room next week!  🙂


7 responses to “Let the Games Begin!

  1. Sounds like fun. Well, not the waiting around part, but the running around, organizing things and making sure things run smoothly!
    My boss is trying to pattern her organization on the Disney model – which is where my job comes from, apparently. Too bad I’ve never been to Disney-anyland/world. Sigh.

  2. You know BL, you’re like the 4th person to say that to me in the last couple of weeks: that you work for someone who’s trying to build an organization based on the Disney model. I know it sounds naive of me, but I never realized the Disney model was all that special. I mean, a corporation is a corporation, you know?

    YOU’VE NEVER BEEN TO DISNEYLAND/WORLD? If you and the Rancher ever want to go, let me know. I can get you hotel discounts (in Florida, anyway), and if you let me know more than 6 months ahead, I can get you two free tickets, plus discounted rates on any other days you want tickets for. (If you let me know fewer than 6 months ahead, I can still get you discounted tickets, but I might not be able to get you free ones.) 🙂

  3. we need to kidnap BL and DRAG her to D-Land.

    Im off there in December with the child and shall see it with different eyes Im sure.

    before that Im gonne reread BEHIND THE MOUSE so Im certain to be supercynical….

  4. Whew. I’m glad I”m not the only one who hasn’t gone to Disneyland. Not for lack of trying – My parents went without me! How evil is that? I had univ finals and couldn’t get away when they’d booked the trip. Thay had a blast with my neice and nephew and rest of the family though.

    I’m sure I’ll get there someday 🙂

  5. Have to say that when you said you were going to Orlando, my first thought was Orlando Bloom. Clearly, I need to get educated 🙂

  6. Miz, I totally sent you an email. 😉

    Geosomin, that is TRULY TRULY evil. For real.

    *giggle* Merry, considering that I work in film, it could have been true, too! But no . . . never met him. (Though they filmed all the “Pirates” movies on the lot. But they had just wrapped filming on the 3rd one about 2 weeks before I started working there. Dammit.)

  7. Marste – aren’t you the sweetest thing to offer something like that!! 🙂
    I’ll mention it to the Rancher, and maybe someday……… (umm, if I ever remember to send in our passport applications! *ahem*)

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