So I decided that I would post my trip.  The hotel, the goody bags stacked up all over my hotel room, the credentials laid out all over the other bed, the view from my room, blah, blah, blah.  I even took pictures! 

And then tonight, I sat down to show you pictures (and I was SO proud of myself for remembering my camera), and do you know what I forgot?


Grrr.  So you get no pictures this week.  But never fear!  You will have pictures next week!  And I will probably recap everything I’ve already told you this week!  LUCKY YOU.

In other news, things are ok on the food front.  Just ok, but not horrible, either.  Mostly I’m grateful that I don’t have horrible stomach problems yet, because I usually get those when I travel.  (And by “usually” I mean “every time I’ve ever traveled before but I keep holding out hope that I will not have them every time I travel in the future, so I use the word ‘usually.'”) 

Grandma’s funeral will be Saturday.  I’ll miss it.  I can’t decide if I’m really upset or really relieved.  *sigh*

But!  I have to get up and go to work in 5 hours, so I’m getting off the computer now.  I’m hoping to post again tomorrow.  (Stop laughing!!!  YOU!  IN THE BACK!  I CAN HEAR YOU!!)


6 responses to “Orlando

  1. **covers mouth** didnt think you could hear us back here.

    Can you see us hurling popcorn at the screen as well?!

  2. Sssshhhh, Miz – I don’t think she saw that! *snort*

    Looking forward to the reports of your trip.
    (Goody bags? I LOVE goody bags – even if they are full of junk! What was in yours??)

  3. Goody bags?

    Looking forward to pictures 🙂

  4. Miz, I missed the popcorn, but now that you’ve pointed it out . . . 😉

    LOL, BL – they were full of junk! Literally: mostly candy and chips – various products that companies are hoping movie theater owners will buy!

    Geosomin, I’m looking forward to posting them! Though I’m still grumbling about forgetting my cable. *Wrinkles nose*

  5. Oh! If you take a look at your laptop, it will probably have a long (1 inch or so), skinny slit somewhere in it. It’ll be marked “SD” If you then take a look at your camera, looking for the memory card, you can slide the memory card right INTO the computer, and get the pictures just as if you had a cord! (Easier, I think. I learned this when I lost my cord. >.>) My SD card was next to the camera battery. I just pushed on it, and it popped out. 😀

    So, yay, maybe pictures!


  6. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! JB, you forge that I have an old, OLD laptop. No SD card for me. The first SD card for my laptop was introduced in the model immediately after mine. (I have a model 600. Dell didn’t add the SD port until model 630.)

    Damn, I need a new computer.

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