Post 2 on Friday: Quick Hit

I did not drink last night.

I wanted to.  I even decided that I would.  I had a bottle of white wine in the back room closet, and I decided that if I had 2 and a half glasses last night, and 2 and a half tonight, that would finish the bottle (so it wouldn’t go bad before I got back from the convention, ya know).

I went home.  A friend came over to pick up a coffee table that I no longer use, and he and his wife CAN use.  I threw my laundry in the machine.  And then I cleaned like a demon, trying to get it all done before my laundry timer dinged.  And I did.  I cleaned my whole house in 45 minutes.  (Ok, I still had to wipe down the kitchen counters, but that was IT.)

And when it was all said and done, I was a little sweaty, and a lot tired, and . . . I just didn’t care about the wine so much.

So I had a diet soda and went to bed.  A small victory, to be sure, but after the hell that was yesterday, I’ll take whatever I can get.

(Today I’m better, btw.  Much.  Still sad, still stressed, but at least functional.  Thank you all for your kind words and concern.)


5 responses to “Post 2 on Friday: Quick Hit

  1. Sorry to read about your grandmother though I guess she may be suffering less now? I’m amazing you did not hook up a booze IV.
    I’m glad you are feeling better though. Grief is very difficult though time will get you through it (hopefully).

  2. Oh Marste. ((HUGS))

    I am so sorry to read these past couple of posts. I think it does help to have work to do, but I think that because it helps me to get through these times.

    And I’ve learned something. Next time I feel down and want some wine with my whine, I’ll try cleaning the house instead.

  3. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Way to go for deciding against the alcohol. Cleaning is a much better way of coping:) Hope things get better soon!

  4. Good for you for cleaning instead of drinking!

    Gosh, if I tried that, I might not be so embarrassed when people drop in unexpectedly (they’d find a clean house instead of a bagged bag lady…..)

  5. POD, I seriously considered a booze IV! She is definitely beter off now though, so that helps.

    Thanks, Merry. I agree about working getting me through difficult times. It doesn’t even really matter what KIND of work, as long as it’s distracting!

    Thanks, Angel. Things will definitely get better. They always do, you know? (One way or another!) 🙂

    BL, I KNOW, RIGHT?! Seriously good for me. *beams* (And I subscribe to the philosophy that you should NEVE be embarrassed by people dropping in unexpectedly: they’re there to see YOU, and if they get distracted by some dirt, that’s their problem. Well. Unless there’s MOLD. That’s gross. LOL!)

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