Round 2 (“He asks me on a date!”)

No, I’M Not going on a date.  Bonus points if you recognize the song.  😀  (“Round 3: I’ll primp but won’t be late!”)

When I lose weight, it seems to a) be excruciatingly slow, and b) it seems to go in fits and starts.  In other words, I tend to lose 4-6 pounds and then STOP.  Then my body hangs out for a while, sometimes I fall off the wagon, sometimes not, but always maintaining that general weight.  Then I mentally recuperate, and go back on the wagon, drop another 4-6 and then STOP again for a while.  It means I lose about 6 pounds every 2 (sometimes 3) months or so.  SUPER. SLOW. 

So tomorrow starts Round 2.  The gym, eating better, drinking less.  I went grocery shopping this weekend and stocked up on healthy food.  The irony here is that I have 2 lunches and a happy hour meeting this week.  *shakes head*  My timing is spectacular.  😉


7 responses to “Round 2 (“He asks me on a date!”)


    is it hairspray??

  2. I can hear the bells. Hairspray!

  3. oh “hairspray”.

    and the key is fitting in those lunches and happy hour meetings to fit in with your new-found motivation. 😉

  4. Oh, I feel so ignorant… 😦

  5. YAY!!! I love “Hairspray!” 😀

  6. My weight loss is similar, and it’s so frustrating! Watching everything I eat, measuring every calorie I burn, and the scale doesn’t budge. Urgh….

  7. That’s about my rate, too. I’ve given up on trying to rush it.

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