More to Follow . . .

Took the LSAT.  Will take it again in December, because it KICKED. MY. ASS.  (Well, the logic games did, anyway.  Between the games themselves and some first-time test anxiety, odds are I went down in flames, which has NEVER happened.  I was bemused, frankly.  It ESPECIALLY sucks because I ROCKED EVERY OTHER SUBJECT.  *sigh*)  On the other hand, I’m reasonably confident that with some serious work I can score over 170, probably over 175.  So that’s what I’m shooting for.  I refuse to settle for average.  (Yeah, I know that sounds stuck-up.  But sometimes – like now – it serves me well.  ;D)

Am exhausted.  Going to the gym Monday morning (at least, that’s the plan as of now).

I also have an interesting article on the effects of saturated fat vs. unsaturated fat and their respective effects on hunger and satiation.  FASCINATING stuff. 

But for now, I’m off to bed.  (Well, I’m going to watch “Drop Dead Diva” and THEN I’m going to bed.  I have my priorities, after all.)


7 responses to “More to Follow . . .

  1. Somehow I’m betting you did better than you think;) Either way, kudos to you for doing something to work towards your dream! And if you do end up taking it again, rest assured that most people take it more than once. It’s a HARD test!

  2. I agree– plenty of people do better than they think.

  3. I’m sure you did better than you think. But even if it did kick your butt a little bit, and you have to take it again, you’ll fly through it!

  4. missed you 🙂
    missed talking LSATS (almost did. opted for the relatively easy GRE instead)

    what am I missing? anything?

  5. Thank you to everyone who thinks I did better than I think! But I have to admit that I’m still unconvinced, LOL. We’ll see.

    Charlotte, I think the most maddening thing was that overall it WASN’T that hard; it was the logic games that were the hard part, and that was enough to mess with my score a LOT. *sigh*

    Thanks, LSP. We’ll see how things go.
    (FYI for everyone else – that really did seem to be a legitmate comment, and not spam. The link goes through to what also seemed to be a legit site. Just so you know, if you decide to click through. ;D)

    Thanks, BL! Flying through it next time is definitely the plan!

    LOL Miz, I can see how somebody could find it not so great. I did NOT like the first episode, but it seemed to have some potential. Then I started liking it because it was just nice to see a fat woman on TV who wasn’t always shoving doughnuts in her face (which was why I hated the 1st episode – they stopped doing that, though). THEN I realized that I really liked the main actress a LOT. I just really like her performance, and the fact that she’s believably both smart and ditzy. And THEN I read an interview with the producer where he said that he really wanted to portray a fat character who wasn’t stereotypical. He talked about how his mom and his grandma were both heavy, and how neither one ate tons of crap or led sedentary lives, and they were STILL heavy. And he felt like there was an absence of that in the media, and how he was trying to fill that void. Soooo . . . as odd as it sounds to say, I think I watch it more because I want to support it than because the show itself is inherently great. It’s cute and I like it, but I don’t LOVELOVELOVE it. But I DO love what the people behind it are trying to do. Does that make sense?

  6. Congrats on taking the LSATs! I hope you did well, I’m sure you did well!

  7. Thanks, Harriet! I’ll find out soon!

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