Part of a Balanced Breakfast – Now With Slightly Less Emo Bitching!

Ok, this has nothing to do with breakfast.  I just couldn’t get those cereal commercials out of my head, and when I thought of “Now with slightly less emo bitching” it made me laugh.

Where was I?

Oh.  Right.  Hadn’t even really started yet.  😉

Somebody said I looked tired the other day (someone close enough to say that without getting punched in the face, that is), and I said, “Yeah, I’m just hanging in there until . . . ” and then I started to say October, because my LSATs will be over.  But then I realized that in October I’ll be running around like crazy putting together a convention for work, soI thought November.  But then I realized that in November I have both jury duty AND Thanksgiving.  So December.  But that’s Christmas (we’re big Christmas people – it might be secular in our house, but it lasts WAY LONGER than a day).  January?  The whole family is going to Disney World.  (“You just finished Christmas!  What are you going to do next?”  “We’re going to – ”  Oh, never mind.  You know where I’m going.)  Soooo . . . February.  I’m holding on for February.

When I finally finished my sentence with “February,” I realized that I wasn’t sure if I felt MORE stressed or LESS stressed.  On the one hand, holy crap!  I have months of intense work coming up!  On the other hand, at least I feel better about feeling stressed.  It’s not like I’m stressing over NOTHING, you know?  I’m just sayin’.

In other news, my law school entrance exams are A WEEK FROM SATURDAY.  ONE. WEEK.  PEOPLE.  I’m kind of starting to get a little bit freaked out, maybe kind of sort of.  Just a little.  Plus I had forgotten how much freakin’ MONEY it costs to apply to grad schools.  Jay-sus.  I looked at my bank account and realized that all the money goes in, all the money goes out, and only the names are changed to protect the not so innocent.  Yikes.  Thank God for loans.  I’m going to need them.

And!  I almost forgot!  I went to the gym this morning and ran until I almost puked!  (No, really.  It was a GOOD kind of almost-puking.  IT WAS!)  On the plus side, I was WAY less stressed.  On the minus side, it was kind of hard to stay awake at work today because my body was so tapped out.  But since I wasn’t anxious all day, I’ll take tired.  I can adjust to that. 

But since I’m tired, now I’m off to bed!  (I KNOW.  Decadent, right?  It’s like 8:30, and my bed awaits with a book and some tea.  I didn’t even study LSATs tonight.  I TOOK THE NIGHT OFF.  (Mostly because I’m too tired to think straight so I was just biffing the questions, but I’m going to pretend I’m doing it for my well-being.)  Damn.  I hate when I put parentheses in parentheses.  It’s just bad form.  OH, WELL.)


8 responses to “Part of a Balanced Breakfast – Now With Slightly Less Emo Bitching!

  1. Im so proud of you and excited for you about the law school exams.

    no freaking out, woman!
    this is your arena
    your gift!!

    use that amazing cranium of yours.

    I laugh that my life has come full circle (ok the husbands but still…) and that he now TEACHES lawschool.

    and my philosophy is never do anything till you almost throw up 🙂
    from food to DRINKING to exercise.

    but Im mildcore like that….

  2. Congratulations and DO NOT PANIC. When I took my GMATs, I was all freaked, and ended up thinking it was relatively easy. (how could that be?) And still scored in the top 5%!

    When you run that hard, it’s important to get good carbs in you soon afterward. A sandwich on whole wheat bread, sushi, ya know.. something to restore your energy.

  3. You’re a brain with legs. Just get the best of everything and don’t let everything get the best of you.

  4. Exercise is totally the best stress release for me…that and sleep. I second the exnay on the ukingpay.

    I’m glad for the night off…they’re totally necessary. They keep the crazies away.

  5. Miz, I didn’t know the Ren Man taught law school! How funny. I’m more worried about the LSAT itself than about the actual schooling part. I’m working on those Logic game like CRAZY. *sigh*

    Thanks for the encouragement, Deb! And ohhh, yeah. The carb thing. I tend to get sick if I eat too soon after a workout, though I did have a fruit smoothie (just fruit and juice). I have trouble keeping much down at that point, though.

    You’re a brain with legs.
    POD, I just had a very Monty Python visual. It was simultaneously hilarious and disturbing . . . 😀

    Geosomin, sometimes it’s hard to pick between exercising and sleeping, though, I have to say. 😉 But I’m glad I almost puked, honestly. Have you ever been so angry that you just stood in an empty room and SCREAMED, and then felt better afterward? That was the level of stress I was feeling. So the running till I almost puked was the stress equivalent of the screaming. If that makes sense.

  6. Good luck with LSATs. A good stretchy and intense yoga class always makes me feel more relaxed and helps me focus when I don’t want to.

  7. Thanks, Julie! Funny you should mention the yoga; I was thinking about digging out my yoga DVDs the other day . . .

  8. So, your law school entrance exams are tomorrow? Cool!!

    Knock ’em dead, woman!

    And I agree with POD – sorta. I’m pretty sure there’s a heart in between that brain and those legs, though! (eeuuww, there’s a nasty visual for ya… sorry, I meant it as a compliment!) 🙂

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