The Funniest Thing EVER.

Or at least the funniest thing I’ve seen recently.

Please go to this link (over at Shakesville) for the rest of the OMG HILARIOUS article posted by Sady.

Haven’t left yet?  This is the beginning of the article linked above:

Behold My Love Advice
by Guest Blogger Dr. Sady

You know, friends, being allowed to do a guest post at Shakesville is an honor. An honor of which I, specifically, plan to prove myself unworthy! How will I do this, you ask? Why, by revealing my new career to you! My new career is: DR. SADY, THE LOVE DOCTOR, WHO GIVES LOVE ADVICE, WITH HER Ph.D IN LOVE.

“But Sady,” you are saying. “You do not actually have a doctorate in the Love Sciences! You are completely unqualified for this position!” This, sadly, is true. I only have a Master’s! Oh, okay, that is not true either, actually. But I have watched a lot of movies.

Specifically, I have watched romantic comedies. These cinematic documents, or “texts,” have unlocked to me many of the true secrets of Love. Also, they are made “for women,” which I assume means they cannot be sexist! Truly, the major film studios of Hollywood always have the best interests of the ladies at heart, as we can learn from Sex and the City: The Motion Picture, and its forthcoming sequel, Sex and the City: Marriage Marriage Shopping Marriage Babies.

Therefore I invite you to join me, DR. SADY, as I perform some unlicensed Loveology, using lessons from popular film.

I KNOW, RIGHT??  HILARIOUS.  Go read the rest.

Oh, and you’re welcome.  😉


3 responses to “The Funniest Thing EVER.

  1. Thanks for sharing that humorous Dr. Sady.

    Also, your comments really meant a lot to me. This is a sort of strange time in my life. I’m wondering if I’m ever going to be allowed to be grounded again? I feel as if the carpet is constantly being pulled out from underneath. I guess it’s some sort of test.

    Thanks again.

  2. Oooh – loved it! And btw, I am totally not opposed to the FA movement. Some of their stuff is a little out there but I still like reading it. Thanks for the Kate Harding link today – it was a fab post and I love her!

  3. Glad you liked it, POD. 🙂

    As for the grounded thing, it took me a while. That year of my breakup I had a lot of things yanked out from under me, and I did a lot of raging at the powers that be. Also a lot of crying. But truly, in the end I was SO much stronger and more grounded. (Note to powers that be: that was not an invitation for more. ;D)

    Oh, I’m glad you liked that link, Charlotte! Actually, I didn’t think that YOU’D have a problem with FA, but I didn’t know about your readers (and didn’t know who – like me – sometimes comes back to read updated comments). But I really, really LOVED that post. Made me cry and all that.

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