Help! I’m Being Swallowed by Boxes!

Ok, not really.  MOST of the boxes are unpacked, although the utter lack of storage in the bathroom is distressing in the extreme.  (I will be heading to Lowe’s today to look for under-cabinet storage baskets.)

I’m now down to about the last third of the boxes, which of course is the HARDEST third: it’s the third where you open a box and think, “Dammit.  Where the hell am I going to put the extension cords and the lightbulbs?”  And then you survey the storage (or lack thereof) around you, and secretly hope that a brand! new! cupboard! will magically appear.  (Alas, that has not worked so well for me thus far.  I still have the same number of cupboards and closets.)  The real irony of my particular situation is that I have a LOT more storage actually IN the living area – but I lost a good-sized storage area in the garage.  So now everything that was in the garage in my old place (hello, Christmas decorations!) has to go in the HOUSE, which takes up a lot of the extra storage space.

I still haven’t figured out where to put the extension cords or the lightbulbs.  Right now they’re in a pile on my kitchen counter.

And let’s not even get into the food stuff.  I’ve been living on leftover pizza for about a week, and my body is beginning to get SERIOUSLY pissed off.  But the kitchen is ALMOST usable now (read: I’ve got most of the counters cleared of random crap), so hopefully I’ll be back to eating real food again shortly.  *sigh*

On the plus side, my condo does not get a lot of afternoon sun, so it stays relatively cool.  (“Relatively” is definitely the key word there, though.  It was 86 degrees in the condo when I got home last night.)  And in the evening, if I open all the windows, I get a FANTASTIC breeze.  That is AWESOME.  And for the days when the breeze just won’t cut it, I have central air!  YAAAAAAAAY!  😀

I’m getting to the point where I can’t really move forward much further until I replace some of the furniture I need to replace.  Which means that first I need to take a load of stuff to the Goodwill.  And that I need to order new furniture (Ikea is my friend).  But in order to order new furniture, I need a full accounting of EVERYTHING I’m ordering, so that I can budget accordingly.  So the next few days involve a lot of math and not a lot of unpacking.  And the not-unpacking part is depressing.

Maybe I’ll move all those extra boxes into the 2nd bedroom until I get new furniture in.  At least then I wouldn’t feel so transient.  And my tenant (hee!) isn’t moving in until December, although I might have a handyman that my mom knows living in there for a week or so.  (The kitchen cabinets need painting, and I don’t want to do it.)

Other than that . . . I’m alive.  And bug-free!  Yay!


7 responses to “Help! I’m Being Swallowed by Boxes!

  1. Okay, well, I hope the grass IS greener where you are now.

  2. LOL, yes, overall the grass is DEFINITELY greener. Figuratively speaking, anyway. 😉

  3. Yay for no bugs!! Moving sucks but it is nice in the fact that it makes you really sort through all your stuff and decide what you need!

  4. The best thing about IKEA furniture is that so much of it does double duty as storage….. 🙂

    And the extension cords and light bulbs? Go in the hall closet, silly. (Put hooks at the back of the closet to hang the extension cords on and baskets on the upper shelf hold the light bulbs.) Unless you have a broom closet, then they go in there. With the broom. Oh, wait, no-one uses brooms anymore, do they? So does that mean they don’t put broom closets in houses anymore? What about linen closets? That would be a good place for light bulbs and extension cords.
    What? No linen closets, either? Sheesh. Kitchen drawer? Wind up the extension cords and stick them inside old toilet paper rolls…. keeps them neat and tidy.

    Okay, I’ll stop now.
    Congrats on the new place! Hope you find a place for everything….
    (Xmas decorations? Top of linen closet. Oh, wait, maybe the broom closet. Shit, forgot, there isn’t one. okay – hall closet – add a shelf above the existing one – there’s always way too much space up there, anyway….)

    This time I really will stop…..

  5. The only thing worse than packing is unpacking. I feel your pain.

  6. Yay! Marste’s back!

    (Sending positive thoughts to your back, and your front, and your sides. Moving is great exercise, but I’ve gone the Pizza Diet route, and that’s no fun.)

  7. Charlotte, I know, right? I was actually amazed at how little stuff I had – and I STILL managed to get rid of more. Gotta love that.

    *giggle* BL, I thought about the linen closet – but I have other stuff in there. The Christmas decorations ended up in the top of MY closet (which came with an awesome closet organizer). I’m going to have to put organizers or something in the hall closets, too though. I don’t have a “linen” closet per se, but rather 2 coat closets, so there is NO FREAKIN’ SHELVING. *Sigh*

    Thanks, Georgie! I THINK I’m getting ever-closer to being unpacked so that’s good.

    Merry, no indeed, the Pizza Diet is the WORST. But I had a chance to do some cooking tonight, so I’ll be better soon. 😀

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