Going Off the Grid – At Least Temporarily

I’m moving!  I think.  I’m reasonably sure.  At the moment.  If my loan funds tomorrow by 1:00pm.

But!  Assuming the best (please God, don’t make me have to start calling the water, gas and electrical companies, along with the movers, the donation pickup people and the cable guy to freakin’ RESCHEDULE everything), I’ll be spending the next few days in total chaos, moving myself into my new condo!  (And unpacking.  Dear God, the unpacking.)

I should be coming up for air by next Wednesday.

See you all then!  😀


5 responses to “Going Off the Grid – At Least Temporarily

  1. **TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!**

  2. Good luck with the move – I hope everything goes smoothly and the moving gods smile benignly upon you!

  3. Sending calm, peaceful, placid thoughts.

    Usually when I move, I have a severe shortage of these kind of thoughts, so I’m sending you a few extra in case you need them. 🙂

  4. Have a great move. How exciting and exhausting.

  5. Good luck! Moving sucks, I just gave notice, I’ll be moving from a 2 br apartment to a teeny tiny studio. It’ll be tough.

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