So Here’s the Dilemma

 It’s hot outside.  When I run my air conditioner, and the temperature drops below the outside temperature, I get palmetto bugs (flying roaches) coming in from the outside.  When I DON’T run the AC, they don’t come in, but it’s freakin’ HOT – WAY too hot to sleep.

That’s the first dilemma.

The second dilemma is that because I’m so freaked out about the bugs, I’m on high alert ALL THE DAMN TIME.  If a shadow moves on the wall, I jump.  If the sheet touches my leg funny, I jump.  If the window creaks, I jump.  I haven’t been able to go to sleep before 10pm on any night this week, and that’s only with 2 glasses of wine under my belt.  Otherwise I can’t sleep at ALL. 

And going to bed at 10 means that I have a hard time getting up at 4am to go to the gym.  Part of that is because I’m TIRED, but frankly, part if it is also that at 4am it’s dark in my room, and I’m afraid of what bugs I will find if I turn on the light.  If I don’t turn on the light, I can ignore the possibility that they’re there (usually spiders in the morning, not palmetto bugs).  But if I DON’T go to the gym, my mood heads southward.  It also heads southward if I don’t get enough sleep.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.  So do I sleep until 6, and get 8 hours, or do I get up at 4 and function on 6 hours plus a workout (assuming I don’t have to spend time catching and/or killing an enormous garden spider on my bedroom wall)?

Escrow is scheduled to close on the new place on the 15th.  I can’t WAIT: central air conditioning and windows that actually SEAL PROPERLY because they aren’t 70 years old.



3 responses to “So Here’s the Dilemma

  1. Yay for the new place!! Sorry you are in such a bind right now. That sleep vs. exercise conundrum ain’t pretty:)

  2. I don’t know much about air conditioners, and even less about palmetto bugs, but if you know where the bugs are getting in, can you secure some cheesecloth or something similar over it to keep them out?
    (If it were me, I’d duct-tape a couple layers of cheesecloth or window screening over the whole freakin’ thing…. I hate bugs!)
    Are palmetto bugs like cockroaches? (we don’t have them here…. thank heavens!)

  3. Charlotte, you aren’t kidding with that conundrum! Frankly, exercise is about to win out, though. I’m not sleeping ANYWAY, so I might as well get a workout in, right?

    BL, it’s funny that you mention that; a friend of mine suggested something similar today, so tomorrow I’m on my way to the hardware store for some painter’s tape and plastic sheeting. (And “palmetto bug” is just another word for flying cockroaches, sometimes called American roaches. The teeny ones are German roaches, and they don’t fly. American roaches are more likely to come in from the outside when it’s hot, and German roaches are the ones that come up from your drains and stuff. But if I call mine “palmetto bugs” I can fool myself into being SLIGHTLY less freaked out.)

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