Everything Old is New Again

Sometimes I “remember” things that I used to know, but have forgotten.  Things like, “I get depressed when I don’t exercise,” and “I really do need 8 hours of sleep at night.”  And I’m always amazed to discover this shocking new information!  At least for a few minutes, until I start remembering that, “ohhhhh, yeeeaaaah, I went through this EXACT SAME THING a few months back.”

Cuz I’m S – M – R – T, smart like that.

The latest thing I’ve remembered/discovered?  My eating tanks at night, after work.  How did I combat that in times past?  I FREAKIN’ KEPT MY HANDS BUSY.  I used to knit and I used to draw.  I haven’t done either one of those in a while (although I did buy some drawing books the other day).  I quit knitting because my hands were starting to ache,  but I quit drawing because . . . well, I just put it down and didn’t pick it back up.  So it might be time to drag out the sketchbook again. 

I’m actually thinking of starting a journal of Things Forgetten.  I’m thinking it might be wise to start writing this stuff down, and then flipping through the journal once a week or so, asking myself, “Does any of this look familiar this week?  Because if it does, here are the fixes, right next to the problems.”  I’m just tired of having the same damn revelations over and over.  It’s not even that I’m tired of fighting the battle: I’m tired of fighting the SAME TERRITORY without REALIZING that it’s the same territory – at least for a week or two, at which point I usually remember having been through it before.

Along the same lines, I need to go back to Intuitive Eating for a while.  I’ve been counting calories pretty determinedly, and I’m noticing that my protein intake has dropped a LOT, while my consumption of processed (low-calorie) food has gone up.  Oops.  And that combination – the stress of the numbers, combined with my system’s reaction to too many carbs – tends to make me a little nuts.  So I’m back to IE for a while.

Same shit, different day.  Hopefully a “Things Forgotten” journal will help with that.


5 responses to “Everything Old is New Again

  1. it is amazing how much you are like my husband

  2. I totally do the same thing! It’s funny how many times we have to learn the same lesson until it sinks in. Incidentally, my period is this way – every month it’s like “Wait, why am I getting all bloated and pissy??” And then I’m ooohhhhh….

  3. said to my husband this weekend as for the 1000093472047 time our daughter acted out:

    hey at least it’s different sh*t this time!!

    I, like you, tend to run my car into a brick wall, back up, and do it again 🙂

  4. LOL, Emily! That’s hilarious – him, too? I figure other people must get SICK TO DEATH of me “discovering” the same things over and over. Lord knows I get sick of DOING it! Ha!

    Charlotte, I totally do that, too! The last time, I really didn’t realize it was PMS and I bitched somebody out hardcore. I’d probably feel worse about it, but even in retrospect, she pretty much deserved it. Even still though, I was glad to know I hadn’t TOTALLY lost my “normal” hold on my temper.

    *giggle* Miz, I love that analogy. I’m totally stealing it! Glad to know the Tornado at least has different sh*t, though. 😉

  5. You can put me on the list of people like you who seem to need to relearn the same damn lesson over and over again. Sugar is bad for me….months (and too much sugar later) I feel like hell and unbalanced…oh yeah, sugar and I just don’t get along….sigh.

    Good luck with the journal!

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