Making Progress – 06.12.09

As of this morning, there is no more “real” ice cream or hard liquor in the house.  (For whatever reason, those Skinny Cow ice cream bars don’t trigger a binge, so I still have half a box of those.  But no “real” ice cream.)

I’m totally freaking out right now.  Thank God I’m going out with friends tonight and don’t have to go home and face the empty house for hours on end.  I can just go home and go to bed.  Weekend evenings are easier to deal with for some reason, so I’m not as worried about tomorrow.

I can do this.

*deep breath*


8 responses to “Making Progress – 06.12.09

  1. Good luck! It’s okay to just breathe deep and notice that you feel panicky, sometimes just acknowledging how you feel takes some of the urgency off it.

  2. You CAN do this. You can. Just remember what you told us about sugar being poison to you. I’m pulling for you!

  3. Hey Marste, sorry I’ve been so quiet. Seems like you’ve got caught up in an anxiety spiral here. Throwing the stuff away I think is actually a really good idea in the short term, even if it does just give you a little more relief from the fear of having it around. Are you talking to anyone about this in the real world? Sounds like things are bottling up a bit matey. Hang tough, you’ve been here before and got through it. Sending love

    Lola x

  4. I can eat several skinny cows at a time..I don’t mean two-fisted but in a row. You are my idol except for the ‘freaking out’ part.

    An empty house is good but must be kept free of any foods you might go nuts over. This means in my empty house, my binge food is oatmeal. And how bingey is that?

  5. It helps me to think about being sugar-free a day or two at a time. I don’t subscribe to the whole AA thing, but I’m of the opinion that you take what works from where ever and use it. So yeah, one day at a time. It’s a lot easier than forever, at least for me.

    So. congrats on the first day.

  6. You can definitely do this! You’ve already taken a huge first step of getting the shit that you needed to ditch out of your place. Way to assert control. Just remember, one step at a time, and every time you take a step, pat yourself on the back 🙂

  7. Thank you guys all so much. It definitely means a lot to have people pulling for me.

  8. one day at a time works great! so does one hour at a time . . .

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