Note to Self

That anxious bird-like feeling of beating in your chest can indeed be sedated with ice cream or alcohol.  But please remember when you get home tonight that both those things, while comforting in the short term, CONTRIBUTE to more beating feelings the next day.  Don’t get sucked into the cycle.


5 responses to “Note to Self

  1. step away from the ice cream

  2. *giggle* SERIOUSLY.

  3. I like how it’s related to the “I Blame the Eggrolls” post.

  4. Harriet Welch

    Well, technically there is nothing wrong with ice cream or alcohol – in moderation.

  5. *cracks up* POD, that’s HILARIOUS. I didn’t realize that until you pointed it out. Too funny!

    Harriet, that’s true. I just don’t seem to be at a point right now where I’m capable of moderation, you know? I eat/drink to the point where it’s bad for me, and that’s what creates that horrible anxious feeling. But yeah, I totally agree about everything in moderation. I just hope I can get back to LIVING that way at some point. 😉

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