New Hair!

Ok, I’ve had more than a few glasses of wine and champagne on my birthday evening, but I wanted to post a couple of things.

First, I’ve officially bought my first home! A condo in North Hollywood, in the middle of a rapidly gentrifying area.  Woo-hoo!  They accepted my offer yesterday afternoon, just after I’d left the salon.  They don’t have my check yet, but since they’ve accepted my offer, I’m contractually bound, so it’s all set!

And speaking of salons . . . here’s the new hair!  Before, with no (or little) makeup, and no touchup in a while (so it’s pretty brassy) . . .



And after (with not much makeup, and with a blow-out!) . . .
After! - But . . . a little blurry - oops!


Eeeep!  I’m freaked out and excited, all at the same time!  😀

Actually, the new color is really, REALLY close to my natural color – at least before I wash it!  God only knows what it will look like after a couple of washings.  The colorist told me straight up that because my hair was so blond, it will probably take 2 or 3 dark colorings before it really “takes.”  And after that I’ll probably go just a LITTLE bit darker.  But I like it.  As odd as it sounds, the first thought I had when I looked in the mirror was, “Oh!  I’m back!”  Almost as though the other color had been the color of my fucked-up self, and the new color was me, back from exile.  (Is it weird that the first thing I noticed was my eyebrows?  That they were darker than my hair in the “before” pic, and that they’re lighter than my hair in the “after” pic?  God, we always notice the smallest things about ourselves, don’t we?)

Yeah, I know it won’t be that easy.  A girl can hope!  😉

There’ll be a new post coming later today/Monday; I’ve just had too much champagne to think about it now!  🙂


10 responses to “New Hair!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a great day! Wow I have so much catching up to do. Your hair looks beautiful, really makes your eyes sparkle. Knockout!

    Hope you’re well


    TA x

  2. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on your condo! And you look AMAZING


    I am really happy for you! I have a feeling this is going to be your year, I really do.


  3. You look fab! Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy B-Day! The new hair looks awesome! I love it!

  5. TA!! YOU’RE BACK! Hooray!!! There will be an email coming your way shortly! 🙂

    Thanks, Sarah! I think this year is going to be a good one, too. I’ve got a feeling.

    Thanks, POD!

    Thanks, Charlotte! I’m still getting used to it, LOL.

  6. It looks great – you’re beautiful! And congrats on the condo!

  7. gosh but I’d forgotten how pretty you are marste, you need to mention it in your posts every now and then, or just provide more photographic evidence, I love being able to put a picture to the prose, a face to the facts if you will.

    and as one who’s recently turned mahogany haired, I’d like to confirm that blondes absolutely do Not have the most fun!

  8. Marste, you look fabulous! I really like that colour – it suits you very well.

    And congrats on the new condo! That is very exciting news. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it – the layout, furnishings….. it’s all so much fun!

    And, although I said it before, I’ll say it again:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (and yes, I raised a glass to you on Sat. night!)

  9. happy birthday! also, love the new hair! works very, very well on you and makes you look younger. 🙂

    also, congrats on the condo! housebuying is a scary, scary thing.

  10. happy birthday and congrats all around!

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