Knocked Flat on my A$$

This week has been a bust of epic proportions. 

I went home for the long weekend to see my mom.  We hung out, ran errands, stayed up late drinking wine, went out to see my grandpa at the place where he was recuperating from his last hospital stay.  (Um.  Not in that order, although that might have been a good idea.)

Then on Sunday we spent the night BACK in the ER with aforementioned grandpa.  He should be coming home today. 

I spent the beginning part of my week pulling two consecutive almost-all-nighters (one in the ER, one drinking with mom and “recovering” from the ER), and I’ve spent the middle part of my week sleeping like crazy.  Seriously, on Tuesday night when I got home, I realized I was falling asleep in front of NCIS.  A rerun.  That was airing at 6:00pm.  And I LIKE NCIS.  I’m just sayin’.  So I went to bed (lights out) at 7:00 and got up at 6:30.  Wednesday night was an 8:30 lights-out, and tonight will probably be another 8:30 lights-out.

What’s that?  The gym, you say?  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!  *wipes tears from eyes*  That was HILARIOUS!  Tell me another one!  What?  The DIET?  BAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!  Oh, God, stop!  Stop!  I can’t take it anymore!  I’m going to pee my pants, I’m laughing so hard! 

Yeeeaaahhh.  That kind of week.


Sunday is my birthday.  What better day to start a new year, new me, new EVERYTHING?  Or not.  That might be a little ambitious.  But this weekend DOES promise some downtime: some time in which to put together that schedule I keep babbling about.  (Which I may or may not post.  I haven’t decided that part.) 

Oh!  And NEW HAIR.  I’m thinking of going dark again.  That would be AWESOME.  I haven’t had dark hair in at least 6 or 7 years.  I’m ready for a change.  I think.  Or maybe a honey-blond.  Which would still be dark compared to the color my hair is now.  Dunno yet.  We’ll see . . .

(Actually, it sounds silly, but drastic hair changes sometimes help with drastic life changes.  I FEEL so different that I can kind of slide into new habits a little easier.  Well.  That’s what I tell myself, anyway.)

ANYWAY.  I haven’t been reading or commenting or anything because, well, the grandpa thing.  But I should be around again next week.

WITH NEW HAIR!  (If I can take a picture without looking like an idiot, I’ll post it.  Otherwise I’ll dig out a comparable one from when I had dark hair before.  ;))


7 responses to “Knocked Flat on my A$$

  1. do the new hair for sure.
    Nothing perks me up like a change in that way and UNLIKE MY TATTOOS 🙂 you can always return to the Marste of yore should you wanna.


  2. I’m with Miz. Go for the new hair!

    And we are going to a birthday party on Sat to celebrate 3 birthdays, so I’ll raise a glass to yours, too!

    Hope you have a great day.

  3. Happy Birthday! Yay for May birthdays – mine’s in May too, and my son’s is in May. May is the best month of the year!

  4. Ah, Miz, but THAT is the problem. It would be very, very hard to go back to blond after dying it dark. My hair is too bleached out to withstand the switch back, I’m afraid. So I have to be SURE about the dark. (But I think I’m sure, anyway. ;))

    BL, please do raise a glass for me! I’m alcohol-ed out at the moment, so there will be no drinking on my birthday this year!

    Thanks, Harriet! I have SO many friends born in May, it’s actually kind of funny! 😀

  5. Happy birthday. I’ll have your drink.
    And I find that new hair is lots of fun.

  6. Happy Birthday (tomorrow) girl!! And I’m always of the dye-your-hair mindset. Go dark! It’s fun on this side, I promise!

  7. Happy Birthday Marste!

    Go dark! I agree with Charlotte. (I try to keep my hair dark, but the sun keeps trying to turn it red-blond for me. )

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