House Hunting and Energy Woo-Woo

Sometimes I just know things.  Actually I think we all just know some things.  Sometimes you get that feeling of certainty in the pit of your stomach, and you just know.  It’s like your whole spirit goes, “Yes. This.” I put a lot of store in that feeling of just knowing.  I make a lot of decisions based on that feeling, and when I’ve really listened to it closely, it’s never been wrong. 

I’ve known for a while that it’s time for me to move.  I’ve been sort of ignoring it because I like my current apartment.  I like the area I live in, I like the surrounding communities.  I like that it’s really suburban.  But now there are bugs in my room.  A lot of times that (“that” = “unpleasant experience”) is my peeps* way of trying to tell me to GET OFF MY ASS AND GET MOVING.  And the thing that makes me sure that this is an energetic/peeps/Law of Attraction thing is that the bugs (I can’t keep calling them roaches because that FREAKS ME RIGHT THE FUCK OUT) are coming from a WEIRD place: a closed window, in my bedroom.  They’re not in my dresser, they’re not in the bathroom, they’re not in the kitchen.  They’re not coming through the WIDE OPEN windows on the other side of my apartment.  No, just in that one spot.  Next to a window – next to a way out, an exit, an escape.  And in my bedroom – the place I go to hide, to run from my problems, to shut out the world and ignore my peeps.  THAT’S where those bugs are: disrupting my peace, my denial, my sleep (both literal and figurative).

So I’ve been house-hunting.  House-hunting in LA is kind of weird, because while in other parts of the country you can buy a house for pennies on the dollar, here it’s more like 80 cents or 90 cents on the dollar.  The deals are still really good, but that’s relatively speaking.  I was looking at a place listed for $220,000: 2 bd, 2 bath, 942 square feet, good neighborhood, etc.  And that was CHEAP.  But I just found out that there are 6 bids on that condo, and the highest is $260,000 (which is actually still pretty cheap, believe it or not).  There’s another with fewer square feet, newly remodeled, asking $250,000, bidding already up to $275,000.  See where I’m going with this?  It’s nuts. 

But I think I found my place.  It’s over in the Arts District in North Hollywood (which is in the process of gentrification).  They’re asking $225,000, and I think they’ll take a little less.  It’s a condo conversion, which means that the building used to be apartments, but they’ve renovated, and now it’s all condos.  The insides are all new, the heating and AC are new, the roof is new.  I’ve been by to see the unit twice, and the agent just emailed me to basically tell me that if I want one, he can get me a “good price,” which means I can probably get it for 5 or 10 thousand under asking.  EVEN BETTER.  You can see them here (scroll down to see the insides).  So I’ll probably make an offer this weekend. 

Weird.  Exciting and stressful all at the same time. 


*Peeps: also called guardian angels, guides and teachers, spirit guides, whatever.  I believe in them – I had dreams about mine when I was little (I have 3), and I’ve had some, er, ODD experiences involving them and other people – but I always thought that all the “usual” terms for those beings were more than a little pretentious.  Hence, “peeps.”


6 responses to “House Hunting and Energy Woo-Woo

  1. Good to know I’m not the only one who goes the intuition route sometimes. I think there are usually good logical reasons behind a decision, but my subconscious usually can’t be bothered to spell them out to my conscious mind.

    And your condo looks cute! I hope it all works out. Fingers crossed and lucky German Shepherd’s foot rubbed.

  2. Never ignore your “peeps”!

    The condo looks lovely. Hope everything works out for you in that area!

  3. How exciting!! Good luck with putting your offer in!

  4. I like how they always have a tray on the bed with a drink on it as if…
    Cute place though. I hope they take less.
    Hope that Grandpa is feeling okay.

  5. Thanks for the luck, Mary! Yeah, I think there’s a lot of unconscious stuff that goes into the intuition bit. Did you ever read “The Gift of Fear?” It was basically about how our intuition is a compilation of danger signals (in the author’s examples, anyway) that our conscious brain hasn’t had time to process yet. So we have a gut instinct to get out of the situation. It was really interesting stuff.

    Thanks, BL! I think it’ll work out. 🙂

    Charlotte, I’m SO EXCITED! I can’t even tell you! *beams*

    LOL, Pod, I know, right? The drink tray – and it’s always on an unmussed bed! All I know is that if I’m in bad enough shape to need to take my drink back to bed, the bed looks a LOT worse than that! Ha! (And yeah, Grandpa seems to be doing better overall. Still not sure how much time he’s got but at the moment he seems ok. Thanks for the thoughts.)

  6. i’m so excited for you

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