One More Reason to Move

The windows in my apartment are old wooden windows with wooden casings.  The A/C in my apartment is a window unit that doesn’t QUITE sit flush with the wall.  The heat OUTSIDE my apartment has driven the palmetto bugs/American roaches INTO my apartment via said window space. 

Did I mention that said window is IN MY BEDROOM?  No?  Well, it is.  IN. MY. BEDROOM.  Nothing like a giant flying roachified bug greeting you after work while you’re changing your clothes.

I’ve actually never had roaches in my apartment.  EVER.  In ANY apartment.  (It’s one of the advantages to being compulsively clean.)  So I called my landlord, who basically said, just spray some bug killer on them.

Um, no.  HELL to the no, even. 

So I’m going home to my mom’s this weekend so I can fog my damn place.  And I bought some industrial strength bug-killer to follow up as necessary.  I already called my landlord, explained that the bugs are not coming in via “normal” routes, but through the DAMN WINDOW, and that if the owner doesn’t want to spray the outside of the building for bugs, then my windows need to be replaced SO THAT THEY FUCKING SEAL PROPERLY. 

There may not be a post on Monday; it depends ENTIRELY on how much cleaning I have to do in order to clean up the poison fog.

That is all.


7 responses to “One More Reason to Move

  1. one word: ick.

    more words? hug your mama for me and have a great mothers day.

  2. Reason #1 for living in this colder climate – no roaches.

    At least you can spend Mother’s Day with your mom! Hope you can rid of the bugs.


  3. Get that foam crack filler and foam up the holes!
    You can get it at the Home Dumpo.

  4. Oh, and while you’re at it, foam yourself some palmetto and roachie bugs. Make a foamy bug necklace or something cute and out of the ord. to wear.

  5. that just sucks

  6. That really sucks. My apt doesn’t seal either, but I think that’s a side effect from living in an old house that’s been shaken a few times. Floors get sloped, walls shift, doors don’t give up their right angles to adapt. Good thing it’s too cold here for most bugs. I know there are roaches (and bedbugs) in town, but either my ‘hood isn’t dense enough, or the cat eats them.

  7. Oh bummer!! Hope everything is taken care of and back to normal!!

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