Lately, as I wrote before, I’ve been trying to “build a better mousetrap Marste.”  I’ve been thinking a LOT (probably to the point of navel-gazing) about who I want to be, blah, blah, blah.  Keep that in mind.

I keep thinking that I need to run intervals.  Everything I read says they’re good for me.  Everything I read says they’ll help change my body faster.  Everything I read says I’m a bad person for not doing them (ok, not really that last part).  But here’s the thing: I hate them.  Haaaaaaaaaate them, in my whiniest voice.  Hate hate hate.  I LIKE steady-state running.  I LIKE getting on the treadmill, plugging in an episode of LOST and running for 43-47 minutes (hey, I only run until the end credits start).  I LIKE it.  I don’t want to think about intervals while I’m watching the castaways run from things on the island (which always makes me run a little farther, btw: I’m helping them! I’m running, too!  Watch out for the polar bears!!!  LOL).

Also core work.  I need to do more.  But I don’t wanna.  I hate the plank.  (Though I kind of like the prone jacknife on the stability ball – mostly because it’s a crapshoot as to whether or not today is the day I will eat floor, and I find that sort of entertaining.)  But I HATE the plank.  A lot.  It’s booooooorinnnnnnggg.  *cue more whining*

And I’ve been thinking about going back to Tae Kwon Do.  But . . . well, Buffy and Alias are both off the air, so I don’t get to see the moves I’m learning on TV anymore.  And I’m not acting, so I don’t need it for my resume.  And did you know that to get the high belts you have to *gulp* HIT PEOPLE?  And sometimes THEY HIT YOU BACK????  Horrors. 

So I’ve been thinking.  And it occurred to me that dancing, ballet in particular, is ALL ABOUT the core work and the interval training.  See, I haven’t been able to go back to class without triggering some SERIOUS ED issues: standing in a room surrounded by 90-pound dancers who are all trying to go professional just makes me insane with self-hatred.  I quit dancing about 15 years ago, and for the first 8 or 10 years I’d try to go back every once in a while, but never could.


I realized that now?  I’m NOT THAT GOOD.  I won’t be in the class with the 90-pound dancers who are trying to go professional.  I’ll be in the beginning class with the moms and the “nine-to-fivers” who are just trying to get some exercise!  Which means I won’t weigh twice what everyone else does!  (No, really.)  AND?  I got a raise, so I can almost TOTALLY afford it.  AND??  There’s a kick-ass studio not too far from my house!!! 

That’s right, baby.  I’ve come full circle.  See, when I was little, and I started ballet, it was the ONLY THING I’d ever done that was hard.  REALLY hard, not “give me a day or two and I’ll get this” hard.  REALLY.  HARD.  It did not come naturally, and frankly, it never did, even after years of doing it.  (Jazz, on the other hand was TOTALLY natural, but ballet?  NOT. SO. MUCH.)  I was never great at it.  I was proficient, I was competent, but let’s just say that the New York City Ballet was NOT going to be beating down my door anytime soon.  And I LIKED THAT.  PLUS?  Ballet is TOTALLY girly.  And I am ALL. ABOUT. THE GIRLY.

So that’s the plan!  I’m going back to dance class!  Woo-hoo!  I’m so excited I’m practically jumping up and down!  This month, I’ll probably just buy new shoes and clothes, because that will set me back an easy hundred bucks right there.  And I’ll check out a few studios, watch some classes, see what the teachers are like (and if they’re any good).

I’ll still be going to the gym, because I’ll never have a dancer body- if I really get into shape, I’ll have more of a Jessica Biel body, so that means I’ll still need to do upper-body work (which, oddly enough, as opposed to core work, I like).  And of course, I have to watch LOST, so that means treadmill time.  (No, really.  That’s the only time I’m allowed to watch it.  It’s a grown-up bribe to go to the gym.) 

(Although ballet is actually a GREAT triceps workout.  Fifteen years after quitting, I STILL have visible triceps, thanks to dancing.  And quads you could bounce a quarter off of.  But now I’m rambling because I’M JUST THAT EXCITED.)

BUT!  Next month, fingers crossed, twice a week I’ll be sucking in and tucking under and pointing THROUGH my foot, not WITH my foot, and grand battement-ing without collapsing my spine, and landing lightly andandand . . .

(Oh yeah, and doing core work and interval training.  Whatever.  ;D)

Yeah.  SO. EXCITED. 

HEE!  😀


10 responses to “SO. EXCITED.

  1. there is nothing more exciting and motivating than nailing that PLAN huh?

    love your writing as I, too, am excited for you and more than a little jealous you found your “THING!!!”

  2. Yay! How exciting!! Dancing is fun it doesn’t even really seem like a workout, no? Enjoy!

  3. I took a ballet class about 15 years ago. God, it was hard. I couldn’t do anything. I did ballet and jazz all through elementary school, middle school and high school. But as an adult – ugh. Good for you – I agree it’s definitely a great work out.

  4. Do a plie for me, wouldya?

    I, too, took ballet (and jazz) for years and years and seriously loved it. Haven’t tried it recently, though. It would probably kill me.

    Good for you for going back to something you obviously love!

  5. *giggles* I’m not sure who is more excited about this, me or you???? I’m living vicariously through you as I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm. Can we have a youtube when you get going????

    Lola x

  6. I vote for the video too. I can hardly wait.
    A few years back I took up belly dancing (not the slutty kind) and it was fantastic.
    I stopped because of hip and knee pain, however, I never stopped being sexy and vivacious.

  7. YAY! Good for you!
    But…you cannot possibly hate the plank more then I do. Trust me. 😉

  8. Miz and Charlotte, I’m seriously stoked about this. Now I just have to keep crazy brain out of the mix. 😉

    Harriet, I have to admit that I’m a little bit apprehensive about going back as an adult. I really do find comfort in the fact that (hopefully) at the level I’m going back to, I shouldn’t be the only person who weighs more than 90 pounds.

    BL, did you really? How neat! 😀

    Lola, you crack me up. I don’t know about video, though; that might be more than I can handle! Ha!

    POD, I know exactly what you mean about the not-slutty kind vs. the slutty kind. I always thought it would be interesting to learn belly dance. The studio I’m looking at offers a class, and I’m thinking I might drop in on it at some point.

    Thanks, Emily!

    I don’t know, Missicat. Maybe we should have a plank-hating contest! Because I really hate it a LOT. 😉

  9. That is AWESOME! I am simultaneously happy for you and green with envy, because I also took ballet for years and I really miss it. Oh I am really excited for you! What a great thing to do for yourself.


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