I’m So Blown Away I Can’t Even Think of a Post Title

I don’t watch reality shows.  Frankly, I hate them: the humiliation quotient is just too high, and I find that more often than not they just upset me. 

But I logged into a Fat Acceptance blog today (I read them semi-regularly, but always faithfully when I feel bad about my body – they’re a helpful reset tool), and I read this.  I read the post, clicked on the link, and cried for the entire 7-minute clip.

What was it?  A clip from “Britain’s Got Talent.”  A clip in which an older woman, “unattractive” by conventional standards, basically gets up and blows everyone away.  And the folks are SURPRISED that she’s any good.

Go read the entire post.  It’s not long, but it’s powerful.  Watch the video (linked to in the post).  Read the comments, if you have time: there are some great discussions happening there. 

On a related note: I find it sort of poetic that the song Susan Boyle sings is “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables.  That song is about a life that’s essentially over – a song sung by a woman who’s dreams have died, whose life has passed her by.  And Susan Boyle is, on the surface, the stereotype for those things: a little bit old, a little bit fat, a whole lot “past her prime.”  She is singing a song that fits her – except it doesn’t.  Because she wouldn’t have tried out for “Britain’s Got Talent” if she’d given up on her dreams entirely.  A woman whom society would view as an object of pity, singing a song that society would think she’d actually feel – but she doesn’t.  I think that’s a beautiful irony.


11 responses to “I’m So Blown Away I Can’t Even Think of a Post Title

  1. Saw this a few days ago, posted to facebook. She was amazing.
    Is amazing. Younger than me!
    Who isn’t?
    Her voice was lovely.

  2. Shortly after reading this and watching the video, I saw the same thing on our (Canadian) national news!
    She really is an awesome singer, and totally blew the audience away!

  3. Saw it too, very inspirational!

    It just pissed me off the it was naturally assumed by everyone that someone who wasn’t conventionally “pretty” wouldn’t be able to sing well. How have looks gotten to be elevated over everything else as a measure of worth so that we think that “pretty” people must do everything better than regular looking people?

  4. I cried when I watched the video. Surprising reaction, I’m usually indifferent to this stuff. I don’t think that you need to be pretty to be taken seriously, but I think you’re expected to be made up, hair done properly, dressed for success (however the situation defines that), as opposed to a middle-aged woman as she is. Everyone looked at her and expected mediocrity, and they got her in her stunning non-flashy womanly self. BTW, the article is from kateharding.org, I didn’t see that in your blog post.

  5. LOL, POD, she can’t be that much younger! But yeah, she was amazing.

    Seriously, BL. I did cry through that video, I have to admit.

    Cranky, I’m right there with you. If you scroll down in the linked post, there was an interesting discussion happening about that very thing – about the perception that only people who look a certain way are talented.

    Julie, I bawled my eyes out, and I’m not usually susceptible to that, either. I think it was the combination of the song (which I have *tried* to sing, and LOVE) and the preceding post over at SP. (As for the other, that’s why I purposely only posted a link that would hit their site first, and not one directly to the video itself It didn’t occurr to me that the quote might make that a problem until just now though, so I took it out.)

  6. I know! I found her performance soooo moving. I cried through it the first time I saw it too!

  7. It was fabulous! Just wanted to smack the smirky girls they showed in the audience, but I guess she showed them!!!

  8. She definitely has a wonderful voice, but I have to admit I’m a bit conflicted with the reactions. Actually, this post articulates my thoughts/feelings much better than I ever could:


  9. Charlotte, I bawled like a little girl. Holy cow.

    Missicat, I KNOW, RIGHT?!

    Kristel, I know exactly what you mean. The article I linked to said pretty much the same thing, although the writer was less professional about it. 😉 The post I linked to also had that exact conversation happening in the comments – about whether the reactions to Boyle’s performance were good or bad.

    Oh, wow, BL I hadn’t seen that – thanks! She really does have a great voice. I’ve heard that Simon is arranging for her to get some training and I can’t WAIT to hear what happens with her voice then.

  10. Marste, I LOVE you! (Just had to say that after the comment you just left about the “mean girls” episode.) You made my whole day!

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