Sometimes My Life is Completely Surreal

I’m back from Vegas, baby!  It was fun, it was long, and I was glad to come home.  Five nights in a hotel is a LOT of nights.

I don’t talk about my job a whole lot here – it doesn’t exactly fit in with the usual topics, and frankly I wouldn’t want to run the risk of getting fired (if I complained or posted something I shouldn’t post).  But sometimes I am reminded that I have a really cool job (not to mention a job at ALL in the current climate).  (I’m going to do a little bragging here, so if you’ve lost your job and don’t want to hear it, just skip this post.  I TOTALLY understand.)

I enjoy my job all year: I work with great people, in an industry that a lot of folks would give their right arms to be in.  (And a lot of people would give their right arm NOT to be in it – I get that, too.) 

But twice a year, my job is really, REALLY cool.  Twice a year I handle all the details for my group’s travel to film conventions: ShoWest and ShowEast.  A lot of it is random details: hotel reservations, dinner reservations, checking people in, keeping track of meetings, dropping off laptop computers, etc.  I’m basically a take-along secretary.  But the fun part is actually GOING.  I get to see movies months before they come out (shameless plug: go see “UP” and “The Proposal” when they come out – both were really good – better than I expected, actually), pick up free stuff (T-shirts, ball caps and more candy than I can eat), and run into random celebrities during the trip (I LITERALLY ran into Jamie Foxx this year – thank God he was nice about it).

And during those two weeks, I’m always reminded all over again that the people I work for are actually important in their industry.  I mean, I know they’re important; I know what the job titles are, and all that.  But really, they’re just my guys, you know?  But when I get to Vegas and it takes Dick 20 minutes to walk 10 feet because EVERYONE wants to talk to him, it’s weird.  Same thing for Chuck, Chris, Jim and Mark (Pres/Distribution, EVP/Distribution, Pres/Marketing and Pres/Walt Disney Motion Picture Group, respectively).  I’m reminded all over again that I’m super-lucky to have the job I have, and super-lucky that they think enough of me to have asked me to coordinate these conventions.

Most of my week is not all that interesting.  I arrive on Sunday, check in, pick up convention credentials for the whole group and then crash.  Monday is spent running around dropping off credentials, laptops and goody bags to the group.  One of the nights there’s a dinner with all the big bosses, and I get to go to that (I track down the waitress, sign the bill, order the wine in advance, that sort of thing).  That’s always fun, and this year I was the only female in a group of 12, so it was highly entertaining.  🙂  Other than that, most of the week is just running around putting out fires. 

And then Thursday night is the Awards Show (scroll down that page to see this year’s winners – more pictures here and interviews here).  Last year was the first year I got to go, and I was floored when I realized that actual, honest-to-God celebrities showed up.  I sat at a table directly behind Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell (who were there to promote “Get Smart”).  I seriously could have reached out and tapped them on the shoulders.  It was completely surreal.  This year we had Zac Efron, Sienna Miller, several others and HOLY HELL, MICHAEL CAINE. 

MICHAEL CAINE, people.  Whom I got to see up close and personal as he was entering the green room (because I was exiting at the same time).  HOLY.  HELL.  (I’m not often starstruck, but I was then!)  He was a delightful man: very polite and well-spoken.  WOW. 

Anyway.  That was my week.  🙂  And Disney has some great stuff coming out – go here to read a review of the ShoWest material, and here to read a review of the UP material (also screened at ShoWest). 

(Oh, come on, you knew there was going to be a shameless plug in there, right?  I’m a company girl.  Actually, my mom jokes that I’ve been planning on working at Disney my whole life: it just turned out that instead of being a princess in a park, I ended up being a princess in an office!  Ha!)

So that was my week.  Long, busy, FUN.  All of the above.  But I’m glad to be home.  🙂


8 responses to “Sometimes My Life is Completely Surreal

  1. SO FUN.
    and yep worth the wait. and HOW do I love that you were so excited about M.Caine. more so than Zac whom people (ok tweens) find so ‘freakin amazing’ and I clearly am too old ot get.

    have a great day Oh Princess In The Office,


  2. Oh, Princess in the Office, you lucky, lucky girl! Sounds like a great job to have. I actually had a bit of a giggle when you mentioned literally running into Jamie Foxx … “thank God, he was nice about it!” – my first thought was “What, some of them would have had you be-headed?”

    But then you mentioned Michael Caine…. sigh.

    *must go get towel and wipe drool off keyboard….*

    You don’t, by any chance, need an assistant? I can type, spell, file, shovel shit, run a tractor (you never know when that one might come in handy!) and am willing to locate to a warmer climate….. 🙂

    Great post, Marste – thanks for sharing this glimpse into your life! Glad to have you back.

  3. Wow – you do have a crazy life! I’ve never been in the same room as a celeb much less within touching distance! Sounds like you had a great trip! Welcome back!

  4. Sounds to me like you have a real Mickey Mouse job…ha ha. Get it? I crack myself up sometimes.

    I love Michael Caine too, I’m glad to hear he is a nice guy in real life.

    Glad you had a great time, but it’s always nice to come home too.

  5. I too am impressed (and a bit jealous!) Sounds like a fantastic experience.

    And Michael Caine, that’s so awesome!

  6. Miz, it really was a kick! And I have to admit that Zac Efron is a sweetie – did you see “Hairspray?” I have immediate love for any actor who’s willing to take on a goofy role and then ham it up even further. That said, he doesn’t exactly have the body of work behind him that Michael Caine does, you know? 😉

    LOL, BL – I don’t know how handy the tractor thing would come in, but the ability to shovel shit is ALWAYS needed! *dies laughing* As far as the “nice about it” bit goes, I’ve heard from other folks that sometimes celeb run-ins are NOT so nice. I know people who’ve been screamed at for stuff like that. (I guess it’s probably good he was nice; knowing me I would have screamed right back. I could never work in Publicity, LOL.)

    Thanks, Charlotte! It’s good to be home.

    *giggle* Graciela, that was awful! Funny though. I’ve actually never had anyone say that to me, although the joke is totally obvious now that you’ve said it! LOL!

    Crabby, Michael Caine was seriously the best part of the whole trip. I LOVE that man. *sigh*

  7. Who’s Michael Caine? Just kidding.
    Glad to have you back from LV. What a nightmare.
    Happy for you that you still have a job and enjoy it and enjoy it extra twice per year.

  8. well, i’m a little jealous! Sounds like a very cool job.

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