The Carb Binge

Note to self: “high protein” does not automatically mean “low carb.”

I figured if I was going to eat high-protein, that I should cut back my carb intake.  (Hey, it made sense in my HEAD, ok?)  So I did.


Turns out, I ALREADY don’t eat that many carbs.  I’m not a big fruit eater (I know, I know – but my doctor was ok with it, because I eat a metric TON of vegetables), and I don’t eat much bread, either.  I sometimes eat a protein bagel with my eggs in the morning, and maybe 2 or 3 crackers or a piece of dark chocolate in the mid-afternoon.  Other than that?  Whatever is in the vegetables. 

So when I cut back, it took my carb intake down to under 80 grams that day.  That’s LOW.  Like, Atkins-low.

And I paid the price.  By the time I got home, I couldn’t even FOCUS.  I inhaled every blood-sugar-spiker I could get my hands on: crackers, bread, cookies, alcohol, those mini-candies I keep in my freezer for emergencies, that freezer-burned 1/4-inch of ice cream in the back of the fridge, EVERYTHING. 


So I had a bagel this morning (a protein/fiber bagel, but a bagel nonetheless), and a couple of crackers with some cheese just now.  No idea what I’ll eat for dinner, but I’m reasonable sure I’ll have a piece of whole grain toast or something.

Because last night was WEIRD.  I haven’t felt that out of control in a long time.  Yeesh.


8 responses to “The Carb Binge

  1. Oh, sister, I have SO been there. Like you, I don’t eat a ton of grain carbs (although I do eat a ton of fruit) but the few times I’ve tried to take out the bit of carbs I do eat, I end up in a binge just like this. Good for you in remedying the situation!

  2. Charlotte, I KNOW, RIGHT?! I seriously didn’t realize how few I was already eating. Obviously it seems to work for me, but definitely no lower.

  3. With Chris gone (he’s in Italy with Satan), I told myself that I would NOT eat after 7pm. Maybe that’s late for some but not for me and sometimes I get in that mode where the only way to keep me from a binge like the one you describe would be to burn my kitchen down or park a monster at the entrance, and then, the monster better be frothing and snarling at me as I approach.

    I find if I eat those little meals throughout my day, I don’t freak out at the site of a pile of cookies as much as I would if I started my day with ANY bread substance. I eat a string cheese, a hard-boiled egg, an apple. You know…the stuff you don’t feel like eating but you know you have to eat when you’re my age or you’d be in a wheelchair from all that heavy snacking.

  4. Oops! I guess it goes both ways. I don’t eat a whole lot of grains, but I eat a lot of fruit.

  5. Oh sorry to hear this Marste, that’s horrible that feeling. Don’t lose heart though, at least it proves the theory of balance and not erradicting food groups from your diet!

    Lola x

  6. i get all light-headed if i cut back too much on carbs, too.

  7. Here v. Crabby (although I follow Rachel and Charlotte and many of the other geniuses that apparently also comment here).

    Congratulate yourself for even making it to the refrigerator. I went below 100g one time in an early Atkins phase — and wondered why I couldn’t think, couldn’t work out, could barely breathe. I thought I was going to DIE.

    It doesn’t really have much to do with nutrition per se, but I think as women — wonky personal biochem issues aside — I think generally, we really have to watch that we don’t deprive ourselves.

  8. Emily, I know right? WEIRD.

    Hi LittleM! Welcome! 🙂 I think your last point is well-taken. Our socialization is such that it’s SUPER-easy to fall into deprivation mode without even realizing it. Because, ya know, it’s just what women DO, right? Gah.

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