I Blame the Eggrolls

Ok, this is ridiculous.  I have started 3 – count ’em, THREE – different posts today.  I don’t like them.  I don’t care.  I don’t feel like writing.  I don’t wanna!  *stamps feet*

I’ve been feeling pretty damn good lately.  Getting enough sleep, eating food that agrees with my system.

But yesterday my friend brought homemade eggrolls and it was all downhill from there.  I ate a LOT of starch, and had a couple of glasses of wine last night. 

And I woke up feeling like hell.  Actually, that’s not really true.  I don’t feel too bad, until I compare it to how I’ve been feeling lately.  THAT’S when I feel like hell.  Bloated, tired, listless, the whole nine yards. 

Weird how a body can do that. 

Anyway.  So I’m tired and super-cranky.  And that’s all I’ve got for today.

(Although I’ve been reading that Metabolic Diet book, and it’s SUPER-interesting.  I’ll have more to write about that soon.)


10 responses to “I Blame the Eggrolls

  1. I like it! It’s good.
    I mean, the post. Why make them so special if the day is a normal day?
    I am still reading ‘Shrink Yourself’ — Pretty interesting.

  2. Sometimes we just have to gather that evidence.

    I hope you feel better, babe. Keep remembering that a day is just a day. xo

  3. POD, do you like that book? I don’t know anything about it, and was going to ask what it was about – and then it occurred to me that I could look it up on Amazon. LOL!

    Thanks, Sarah. I should feel better tomorrow. I just hadn’t realized how often I was feeling like crap until I had something to compare it to, you know?

  4. You know, it’s funny… I went back to my circuit training class for the first time in a week last night, and you know what? I was *tired* last night. Good tired, but tired… more tired than I have been in a week. Comparison is good, with out it you don’t realise how things effect you.
    (And homemad eggrolls? TOTALLY worth it, que no?) 🙂

  5. Wow, homemade eggrolls do sound worth it! And yeah, every day is a new start and all that. It’s good your being conscious about your choices and noticing the difference in how you feel.

  6. Oh I hate that. I felt awful after I had been restricting and not drinking at all, the first time I ate something different the next morning I felt hungover!!! Or maybe that was the wine…

    Lola x

  7. I sometimes struggle with how lumpy I feel after a big meal, but I still tend to lose weight, though maybe not that day. I think it’s important for me not to get caught up in “diet mentality”, so I try to make sure I’m not always eating to lose weight, sometimes I eat maintenance or beyond just for psychological reasons. I really don’t want to start to feel like I’m restricting.

  8. If you have a propensity toward zoning out, and I commend you totally for limiting TV (thanks for your comment!) Like I said, I had it on but I was reading too and reading my usual ‘don’t each much’ books.
    The book is taking me a long time to read but as far as emotional eating, it nails it for me. Combined with weekly WW meetings and working on this eating issue for 50 years.

    I’ll take some homemade egg rolls.

  9. ive been sooo unorganized this week (toddler home sick) wanna run your post this sat.

    shoot me a SOMETHING.
    a short bio?

    or nothing if youd rather not 🙂

  10. Mmm…..homemade eggrolls are awfully hard to resist so don’t beat yourself up about it, especially since you have been doing so well! After all tomorrow is another day 🙂

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