I Should Not Be Allowed in a Bookstore Without Adult Supervision

Or at least I should learn to leave my wallet in the car.

I did NOT buy the Jillian Michaels book.  YAY! for saving money!

But.  Um.  I did buy another Metabolic Diet book.

And a cookbook.

Ok, TWO cookbooks, but they were on SALE!!!!  And I have a cooking BLOG and when  I make a million dollars I can TOTALLY WRITE OFF THE COOKBOOKS I BOUGHT!  Um.  If I make a million dollars this year, I mean. 



FINE.  I also bought a weight-lifting-for-women book.  (Now I have three.  But I swear I NEEDED them ALL.)  NOT on sale, but I DID have a coupon, so I get bonus points for that, right?  RIGHT?


I looked through the Jillian Michaels book, but it was quite specific.  QUITE.  And by that, I mean that I quickly realized that in 2 weeks I would be a neurotic mess, either because I would be following it PERFECTLY GODDAMMIT or because I would NOT follow it “correctly” and then would feel like a FAILURE.  So I put that book right back where I got it. 

But I was still curious about the Metabolic Diet, and I happened to glance at the top shelf and saw this book: The Metabolic Typing Diet.  And I flipped through it and realized that it had NO meal plans (which is good for me), but it had LOTS of science-y goodness.  (Yeah, I’m a nerd.)  But the part that made me buy it?  Was the part where the author wrote (I’m paraphrasing), “If you are a Protein type [that’d be me], your general ratio of protein, fat and carbs should be 40-30-30.  But every body is different, so you might find that you need a little more protein, or maybe that you can handle a few more carbs.  You might find that you need FEWER carbs and more fat.  But this is the ratio to get started with, and in the next section I’ll tell you how to determine what you might need more or less of, based on your body’s reactions.”  Holy crap!  A nutrition book that doesn’t insist that everyone fall into 1 narrow definition?  That doesn’t even insist that there are only 3 narrow definitions, with no variations??

People, THAT is a book I can get behind.  He even touches briefly on things that might seem fringe-y, like Food Combining.  (Basically, don’t eat protein and carbs at the same meal.  It’s more complicated than that, but that’s the big, A-Number-1 rule.)  And he says there may be some validity to it, but that unless you have digestive problems (in which case you should give it a shot and see if it works for you), you probably don’t need to worry about it.  (I should note here that Food Combining did nothing for me except make meal planning a huge pain in the ass.  But for my mom – who does have digestive problems – it gave her her life back, because she didn’t have to spend most of the day in bed with horrible stomach pains.  EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT.)

And after I read that for a while, I pored over the new cookbooks for a couple of hours.  Yes, really.  I can read those damn things the way other people read novels.  I have no place to put them though.  I’m going to have to clean off a bookshelf and give some stuff away so that I can continue to amass cookbooks.  😀

So I’m thinking I’m going to try that Metabolic Diet.  Mostly because all the foods on my “best food” list are EXACTLY the foods that my holistic doctor was telling me I should eat for my body type/digestive system.  That gave it some credibility right there.  (Plus that whole, “do what works for you” endorsement.)  But I’m a little apprehensive, I have to be honest.  I’ve been counting WW points, and I’ve lost some weight, so I’m hesitant to stop counting.  But WW is all about the fiber, which is carbs, which I shouldn’t be eating so much of.  I think I might try counting, but just eating more protein.  If push really comes to shove, I’ll increase my protein/fat intake by a hundred calories or so, and see what happens. 

But I’m a little excited about this.  I know my body does best on LOTS of protein, but I got sick on both Atkins and Paleo.  I definitely need some carbs in my diet, and large quantities of fat make me sick to my stomach.  But this book seems to think that all of that is ok, and the ratio can be messed with.  I’m kind of stoked.  🙂


10 responses to “I Should Not Be Allowed in a Bookstore Without Adult Supervision

  1. ok, it is time for my husband to read your blog

  2. First – when I glanced at your title I thought you wrote “adult bookstore” and was surprised when you started talking about cookbooks. Apparently my subconscious is a pervert. SOrry.

    Second – I’m very interested in how the metabolic typing diet goes for you!! I’m a book junkie myself so I can totally understand that impulse. Looking forward to hearing more on this (and am very glad you did not buy the JM book!)

  3. Maybe I should buy that book. I’m frustrated and driving myself crazier.

  4. LOL, Emily, why? Why now, I mean?

    Charlotte, that CRACKED ME UP. Seriously. That sounds like something *I* would mis-read! I’ll definitely keep you posted on the diet thing. I have to admit I really REALLY like the idea of losing weight without feeling deprived or hungry. Hmm . . .

    Oh, Sassy, why are you frustrated? I’m sorry to hear that. 😦 *hugs*

  5. Marste , come on up to Portland and I’ll supervise you in Powell’s. (A bookstore that takes up an entire city block.) Of course, you’ll have to supervise me at the same time…

  6. This all sounds like a lot of work, Metabolic diets etc.
    For me, it’s not the food, it’s me.

  7. Merry! Do you want me to go BROKE? LOL!

    POD, I’m not sure if it’s me or the diet. It’s probably been both at different times in my life – ha!

  8. I’m the same way with cookbooks…I get mocked as I can sit and read them like regular books. You simply can not have too many cookbooks.

    The metabolic diet book sounds interesting. I’m always a bit nervous when books tell me things with no science. But listening to your body? That just makes sense. Being a science nerd I need a few nerdy explanations in bookss…I think I’ll check it out.

  9. I read your title as something to do with an adult bookstore too..hmm, wonder what that says about me! hehe
    Sounds interesting…may have to check this book out. Didn’t know about the no combining protein/carb thing – guess I need to look into that!

  10. Geosomin, I’m glad I’m not alone. I can seriously just read straight through, LOL. And I agree on the listening to your body bit. It’s nice to hear it confirmed by a “real” book, isn’t it? Ha!

    Missicat, if your stomach is easily upset, it might be just the thing. I was surprised how well it worked. Suzanne Somers actually has a set of diet books that are Food Combining, and the recipes in them are SERIOUSLY good. Not just “diet food” good, but some of the best recipes I’ve made, across the board.

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