In Which I Tinker With My Diet YET AGAIN

Because I am my own science experiment.  😉

Well, actually, “tinker with my diet” usually translates into “half-ass it for a week or two before getting distracted by something shiny.”  (Oooo, shiny!)

ANYWAY.  Charlotte wrote a post today with a link to this.  Which had a link to this.  Which made me think.  (Always, ALWAYS a dangerous thing, you know.)  According to the test that she linked to in the second post there, I’m a fast oxidzer.  (I laughed when I read the “short test:” taking a dose of Vitamin B and waiting to see how long it took you to have a niacin reaction.  The first time I took B and had that happen I thought I was DYING.  Ok, not quite, but I was totally freaked out.  I had an allergic reaction, my throat swelled a little – it was bad.  I popped 2 Benadryl as fast as I could and promptly sleepwalked through the rest of the day.  WEIRD.)

ANYWAY.  I was reading the dietary recommendations, and interestingly, they pretty much align with what my holistic doctor told me when she did the nutritional workup on me: eat liver (fortunately I like it), eat fat (because I don’t absorb it well, so I need extra – LUCKY, LUCKY ME), eat lots of dark green veggies (kale, anyone?) and FOR GOD’S SAKE LAY OFF THE SUGAR. 

Since I’ve been Point-counting, I’ve been paying less attention to my actual NUTRIENTS, and eating smaller, more frequent meals, because I’m just hungrier.  It’s normal for me to eat lunch around 1 and then be hungry again by 3.  But today, they had BEEF POT PIE at the commissary.  And it was raining, and HOW could I not eat beef pot pie in this lovely cold weather??  So I ate some, along with some veggies.  I ate early, around 12:30, because we had a meeting at 1:00, but even so, I wasn’t hungry ALL DAY after that.  I just ate dinner, and it’s 7:30.  I had no symptoms of low blood sugar, I didn’t feel hungry or crave a piece of chocolate around 3:00.  And I wasn’t starving just now.  I ate a small dinner, and a glass of wine, and I feel fine. 

The folks who do Paleo right now are saying, OF COURSE, YOU IDIOT!!  😉  But honestly,  I haven’t had a lot of luck with low-carb anything (though in all fairness I haven’t tried Paleo – at least not longer than a week or so).  For me, it leads to bingeing after 10-14 days (yes, it’s that predictable).  But on the other hand, there were potatoes in that pie, and a crust (a biscuit-chive crust – YUM).  And I ate them both, but the majority of the meal was meat and veggies. 

Curiouser and curiouser. 

So I’m tempted to go get a book.  I’ll probably get the Jillian Michaels book because I’m straight-up curious about it, even though (full disclosure) I HATE her.  Well, not personally.  I hate how she treats people on that show.  And I’m the queen of the “suck-it-up-and-be-a-grown-up” mentality, but seriously, she’s just MEAN. 

But I kind of want that book.  *wince*  I’m super curious about the Metabolic ratios, although I’d definitely eat more food than I hear she recommends in her book.  (“Making the Cut,” by the way – I forgot to mention WHICH book.) 

Anyway.  Anyone else tried it?  Liked it?  Hated it?  Because I could get used to this whole not-having-to-cart-food-around-so-I-could-eat-at-the-drop-of-a-hat thing.   It was nice not to be eating every couple of hours all day.  Really, REALLY nice.


The cookbook blog is up!  Woo-hoo!  Except . . . um . . . there are no recipes, yet.  I posted the introductory post tonight.  But go check it out anyway!
To Meat or Not to Meat: A Vegetarian Mother and a Carnivorous Daughter, Living in Peace.  Relatively Speaking.

Comments, suggestions, feedback – all are welcome.  😉


9 responses to “In Which I Tinker With My Diet YET AGAIN

  1. Personally I think its about not depriving yourself of anything, but not screwing up your blood sugar levels too much. Once you find something which works, then why not go for it. I’ve noticed since ditching a lot of the diet and low fat options on the market I feel fuller much longer, and probably consume less calories from sugar. It’s about balance.

    Lola x

  2. I don’t know if I’d qualify for her monthly regimen based on the tests. I’m curious to try the tests though. If I can do those things, I think I’d be happy and then I could just chuck the book in the trash.

  3. Glad to meet a fellow “tinkerer”! I’m always messing with my diet – probably half the reason I’m as messed up as I am. That said, I didn’t like Jillian Michaels’ book, esp. her food plan. Not only were the recipes kind of icky but she doesn’t explain too much more than what I wrote. Although it might be beneficial for you to go to the book store and just skim the first couple of chapters of her book. Try before you buy;)

    I’m really torn about the Paleo diet. I’ve tried it twice now with terrible results. And yet it seems to work so well for everyone else! Gah!

  4. Yeah Lola, I totally agree. And yet I’m always looking for the “bigger, better deal,” you know? *rolls eyes* But! I did look into the Typing food lists, and part of what made me want to check it out was that my quiz came out a Protein type, and on the PT list? Were ALL the foods my doctor has been pushing me to eat. So I’m wondering . . . I can’t see giving up wine and pasta completely, though. We’ll see.

    Hee, Harriet! That same thought crossed my mind, too. 😉

    Charlotte, I TOTALLY ended up camping on the floor of Borders! I did not buy the book (but ended up with 4 others – I should NOT be allowed in a bookstore without adult supervision), but I did buy a more specific book about Metabolic Typing in particular. A more science-y book, so to speak, which was really interesting, and will probably be Monday’s post! 🙂

  5. Oh, and I meant to say about the Paleo diet – I can’t do it. I feel both a LOT better and a LOT worse on it. I can’t really explain it, except to say that I always feel like people who have been on Prozac describe that: like the whole world is happening just out of my reach, down a short tunnel that I can’t get through. And I HATE that feeling. I really do need more carbs than Paleo allows for.

    Having said that, I think this new book might help. The author got SERIOUS credibility points for stressing that these were guidelines. He even said something like, “If you’re a Protein Type, your ratio is 40-30-30. But since every body is different, you might discover that you need a few more carbs, or a little more protein. Play with the ratios until you feel your best.”

    Dude, I have NEVER read a diet book that didn’t say, “(X) is best for EVERYONE, and if it doesn’t work for you, ‘ur doin it wrong.'” Um. So to speak. 😉

  6. so what was this ‘other book’ called??

  7. The Jillian Michaels book was “Making the Cut.” I didn’t have another book in mind when I went in, although I ended up with one: “The Metabolic Typing Diet.” Fewer meal plans, more science! Woo!

  8. If I eat tiny meals, I’m hungry again in 2 hours. If I eat a large meal with decent protein, fat, and good carbs, I can go 8 hours easily. Mostly, I try to be in the middle. But I work this, if I’m going out for a big dinner, I’ll eat a snacky meal or two while waiting. If I’m going on a 8 mile hike, I’ll eat a huge breakfast, and bring a small snack so I don’t have to pack much. I just wrote a post on a great article I found by a guy who reviewed the science, and basically whatever works for you, is the best way. I, personally, find food to generally be a hassle, and the less I have to deal, the better. I’ve never tried Paleo diet, and never plan to, but I suspect it’s the fat/protein combo that keeps my blood sugar from crashing. I eat pretty high fiber, too, that probably helps.

  9. Julie, I’ll have to check that post out. I’m really a believer in the idea that we’re all different and what works great for one person might be horrible for another person. I’ve noticed too, that if I eat a lot of protein and fiber, my blood sugar is a LOT more stable. It’s amazing to me how much each thing affects every other thing, you know?

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