Filler . . .

Well, this week is a bust for posting every day.  I’ve been flat-out with migraines every morning this week.  They clear up by noon or so, but then I’ve got half a day to do all my office work. 

But!  I have an appointment tonight with a chiropractor that my acupuncturist recommended.  Apparently, it’s likely that I’ve just got a vertebra out of alignment in my neck, and fixing that should fix the migraines.  I’m not usually a migraine sufferer, so I’m hopeful that this will fix it.  Hooray!


5 responses to “Filler . . .

  1. Sorry to hear this Marste. Hope you feel better soon

    Lola x

  2. Hope you get some relief soon!
    Headaches are such a pain…. (profound, aren’t I?)

  3. Oh no! Hope the mjigraines go away soon!

  4. Oooo… that sucks! I hope the chiro helps.

  5. Thanks, guys. I saw the chiro last night, and he popped 5 (!) vertebrae back into aligment. And ta-da! No headache today! (Though the muscles in my back and neck are HELLA sore!)

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