To Post or Not to Post? That is the Question . . .

There’s a new post below this one – a REAL post, even.  😉

So, for those of you who don’t know, I’m in the process of writing a cookbook.  I’m thinking of starting a new blog about it, although because I’m single and can’t eat that much food, there would probably only be one new recipe per week.  But I’d post the new recipe on the blog, and hopefully get some feedback.  (Hint, hint.)  The recipes would range from health food to comfort food and back again, but generally they would be either easy, fast or both.

So.  Any thoughts?  Would you read it?  Would you test out the recipes in your own kitchen and let me know what worked for you (and what didn’t)?  Let me know in the comments, if you have a minute.  🙂



7 responses to “To Post or Not to Post? That is the Question . . .

  1. Yes! I want cookbook posts! I’ll make the recipes and be happy to give feedback. How exciting!

  2. Yes. I would be more than willing to be your guinea pig. Test kitchen. Whatevah. Especially the fast, easy comfort food. 🙂

  3. Me me! Well, providing I’m not having a crazy head moment. I don’t cook very often because frankly it terrifies me, but if I was doing it for a reason then I might. Especially if it was healthy.

    TA x

  4. Wow! Neat! Thanks guys!

    Ok, so I talked to my mom today, because she’s the other half of the cookbook-writing duo, and she’s on board, too. So there will be a LOT more vegetarian recipes that way (she doesn’t eat meat, but I do)! Woo-hoo!

    I have a domain name over at Blogger because they allow advertising, and well, the cookbook endeavor is a more commercial one than this blog. As soon as we get it up and running (probably sometime next week), I’ll post here that there is an inaugural post there!

    *beams* I’m so excited!

  5. Why don’t you do the recipes on this blog?

  6. Well, partly because my mom is the other half of the writing team, and this is really my blog, but mostly because eventually I’d like it to lead to a cookbook (or even a cooking show), and so I want a dedicated site for it. I don’t want people to have to scroll through posts about other stuff to get to the recipes. And I’d like to make some money off the advertisements, which WordPress isn’t set up for. AND I’m planning on sending the link to everyone I know – including people I might not want reading this blog, LOL.

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