The Rules (Subject to Change Whenever I Feel Like It. Sort of.)

So, first?  It looks likely that one week from today will be my first Tae Kwon Do class in FOREVER!  Hooray!  I’m so excited!  I liked TKD, and was sorry when I moved/went broke/didn’t call around to find a new class because I was lazy.  Yeah.  All those things.  But!  A class means that I am assured of at least 2 (and possibly 3, since I will sometimes-but-not-always go to the midday Saturday class) seriously hard workouts every week.  Um.  Workouts that I will actually DO, that is.  *Smiles angelically*

So, a food plan.  I made a lot of Food Plans over the last week or so. 

No, really.

A LOT.  (Did you read that Perfectionist post?)  A.  WHOLE.  LOT.

And yesterday, I threw them all out.

I revised some things.  I was reminded of things.  I checked my crazy head at the door: both the super-obssessive part, and the whiny-lazy-brat part.  Here’s what I have:

Food Rules
1) Eat fruit every morning.  It’s good for you.  Get up 30 minutes earlier if you have to.  It won’t kill you.
2) Eat protein and veggies at most breakfasts.  Oatmeal works, too.  Toast 2 or 3 times a month won’t kill you: if you eat it, just freakin’ enjoy it, since you hardly ever eat it, anyway.
3) Eat protein, carbs and veggies at lunch.  Sandwiches are tasty, and you like them: eat those.
4) Have an afternoon treat.  IT’S OK.
5) Eat protein and veggies at dinner.  Try not to eat carbs – doctor’s orders.
6) Have some tea.  Or some decaf.  Something warm to drink will make you sleepy.

Figure that twice a week, the following will happen:
1) You will drink too much wine.
2) You will eat too much crap food.
IT’S OK.  Try to limit those to twice a week, and we’ll work on getting them to be less frequent later.

1) Commit to 20 minutes every day, except the days you have TKD classes.  Those days are exempt.
2) Easy workouts that you can do in your pajamas during commercial breaks of Law & Order with a glass of wine cup of tea waiting on the coffee table TOTALLY COUNT. (And if the only way you can make yourself do it is to have a glass of wine, fuck it: have a damn glass of wine.  We’ll work on that later.)
3) 20 minutes.  NO MATTER WHAT.
4) NO. MATTER.  WHAT.  Even if you just walk around the block (like when you go home to visit Mom and don’t WAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNA exercise).  Yeah.  I’ve got your number.
5) Even if you have to walk around the block in your flip-flops.  (Thought I forgot about the no-workout-shoes “problem,” didn’t you?  The ones you “forgot” to pack?  NOPE.)

Bonus Points:
1) Start planning your menus again.
2) Yes, really.
3) I know it’s a pain.  Do it anyway.  That’s how you’ll afford those cool TKD classes, you know.
4) Go back to cooking weekly dinners on Sunday afternoons.  Leftovers rock, and you even like them.
5) Start planning lunches and snacks, too.  It will save you lots of money.  See above re: TKD classes.

Muy Importante
Keep a food journal.  I know you hate them.  But you have to know how many nights of crap food you’ve had.  No conveniently “forgetting.”

Um, yeah.  That’s my prototype, to be tightened or loosened (well, maybe not loosened – it’s pretty loose now) as time goes on.

Comments?  Brilliant and helpful suggestions?  Stupid and unhelpful suggestions?  I’m open here, people.  Hit me with it.  Or not.  Whatever.  😉


8 responses to “The Rules (Subject to Change Whenever I Feel Like It. Sort of.)

  1. I hate rules and IMMEDIATELY REBEL.
    if you arent me 🙂 then I think youve way set yourself up for success (the amount of exercise you ‘have’ to do) and I 100% agree with the protein and veggies at every meal including b’fast.

    this weekend? only carbs for breakfast (oats)? I was starving 10 minutes later….and made bad 🙂 choices.

  2. I like the way these are not pure and scary RULES but things to shoot for. I would advise similar vagueness in food journalling to avoid neurosis, but at the same time keep an eye on what’s going on. Control, but not too much control.

    Fruit in the morning = awesome. I don’t know about you but when I start the day healthy its so much easier to keep it up. And I’m the same with toast – I hardly ever have it and I need to learn to be OK about it when I do (and not write off the rest of the day!!)

    Great work!

    TA x

  3. I think it looks great – structure, but not too much. Guidelines more than rules. (However the thought of veggies and protien for breakfast, unless it is a yummy egg scramble with lots of cheese, but even that I can only do once a week or so, makes me gag a little. I am such a cereal girl.)
    And congrats on all the work you put into it until you got something that would work for you. Muy Importante – working for you.

  4. back reading comments and SO TRUE on the whatever works for you.

    I become a crazy woman on cereal (blood sugar up and down moodiness) —it. ugly.

    all that matters is YOU and you are setting yourself up for success planwise and support team wise!

  5. hmmm…Sounds like a great plan, but I too have trouble sticking to things. I so hear you on the trying to commit to exercising EVERY day, if I had a dollar for every time I did that then didn’t follow through I could BUY myself a new body. *sigh*

    Planning lunch and dinner – great idea!! I have been packing my own lunch lately, better food PLUS less $$$. Full of win!

  6. I like your plan. I’m in such a horrible bad eating rut right now.

    (slinks away)

  7. I think the best part about this plan is the humor. *falls over laughing!*

    The only thing I’d say? Remember your 75% rule. ;-D

    –who may be adopting some of this for her own food/exercise plan… but shhh, don’t tell her annoying older sister.

  8. Hi everyone! Better late to comment than never, right? RIGHT? 😉

    Miz, I know what you mean about the rebellion. But this plan isn’t so strict that I’m freaked out about it, which I hope means it will work. 🙂

    TA, EXACTLY. A little vagueness to keep me from freaking out, but enough structure to keep from conveniently “forgetting” how I’m supposed to eat.

    Sassy, I definitely do the egg scrambles most of the time, although I have to admit that I’ve also eaten “dinner for breakfast.” And I’m ok with oatmeal, but I can’t handle cereal; the thought of anything cold falling into my stomach that early in the morning makes ME gag, LOL.

    Missicat, I SO HEAR YOU on the “if I had a dollar for every time” re: the exercise. Me, too. But I figured that this was something easy enough that I could make myself stick to it, even when I didn’t want to. Plus, wine or ice cream as a bribe sometimes works wonders, LOL. I know it’s more calories than I just burned off, but sometimes it’s more about developing the HABIT than about actually burning off the calories, if that makes sense.

    Sue, we are all struggling along. And you have kids! I have no kids, so I think it’s probably easier for me on that front: no little chicken nuggets sitting around to tempt me! Ha!

    JB, oh yeah. The 75% rule. Ohhhhhh, yeah. I almost forgot. 😉

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