Brilliant Food-As-Finances plan, meet Neurosis. 

So.  I figured that since this was the beginning of a month, and the Dave Ramsey stuff says everything takes 3 months, it was a convenient time to start, no?  From now until the end of January, and see what progress I can make. 

So I thought, “A written plan.  Right.  Let’s do this.”  And I opened a Word document, and typed in the days of the week, and thought, “Wait.  A spreadsheet would be better.”  So I closed the Word document, and opened an Excel document and typed in the days again.  And then I thought, “Days go in that column, and calories go in THAT column.”  (!!!!!!!)  Wait, no!  No calories; I’m not counting calories. 


Then what goes in the other column?

Food, I decided.  Just food that I know will fill me up.  Ok, then. 



If I don’t have calorie counts, how do I know what will fill me up?  How about carbs?  Can I count carbs?  Or fat?  How about fat, that would be ok, right rightrightrightright?????


Meals.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner.  And snacks, just in case.  Don’t forget to allow for a couple of mini-binges, because they’ll happen, so you might as well account for them.

But in order to account for them, I have to know how many calories!  So that I can lower my calories on all the other days!  It’s not disordered!  I swear!  It’s sensible!  SENSIBLE, GODDAMIT, NOT DISORDERED AT ALL!  CALORIESFATCARBSPROTEINCALORIESFATCARBSPROTEINCOUNTCOUNTCOUNTCOUNT . . .


So.  How was YOUR day, dear?


9 responses to “:::TILT:::

  1. *LAUGHS* Okay, this is like me… on finances!

    So when I started the DR stuff I was like, “Dude. I have NO IDEA how much money I need for groceries. Bills, bills, bills, lessee… I pay rent! And, uh, cable for the internet! Phone! And I’m pretty sure that’s all.”

    Except, y’know, for hydro and gas and water and bird food and misc stuff and–yeeeaaaaaah.

    Anyway, I kept screwing up my budget and spending more than I had because I did know what my bills were or how much everything had cost, so I’d think I’d get them all in and then spend the rest and another bill would come. Damn those sneaky things.

    This is what I ended up doing: I took two full months (I tried one, and it didn’t seem to work) and wrote down my bills. Obvious, right? The first month that didn’t work, though, it didn’t work because I was aware I was writing down my bills. So I didn’t spend money on the extra stuff I needed (tape, Brita filters, novels, Cheetos–hey, those last two are TOTALLY moral help! :D) because I didn’t want to see how bad it was. But that only meant that the next month, I spent a lot extra because I needed tape and Brita filters and OH GOD I’D ALREADY SPENT TOO MUCH EPIC FAIL so I bought, y’know, twelve books and five bags of Cheetos.

    Is this making sense? You speak JB, right? 😀

    If I were you, I’d take a couple of weeks and eat intuitively, and write it down. Tell yourself these are your free weeks! This is what you’re going to base your binges off of–so have some! Better to over-plan for food than under-plan. Then, if it turns out you don’t need that much, you can scale down–AFTER you’re sure. And in the meantime, you’ll be doing even better than you’d expected!

    Just–NOT the calories. *grins* Write, “Ham sandwich with all the fixin’s! Mmm.” and “BAG O’ CHEETOS.” and “lots of carrots. Handsfuls, even.” and if you were me, I’d say, “then add food, just to be sure!” Which is exactly how I run my finances. (“I think groceries normally cost me $100… so I’ll put in $200, just to be sure!” And then if I come in under, I win! *grins*)

    Anyway–that’s how I got around my same problem with Dave Ramsey. So maybe it’ll help with food, too. 😉

    *HUGS!* Good luck! 😀


  2. ***hmmm*** she types cynically.

    I need to ponder this one 🙂

  3. Kay, so not sure if this will help (or just annoy 😉 ) but what about instead of focusing on “CALORIESFATCARBSPROTEINCALORIESFATCARBSPROTEINCOUNTCOUNTCOUNTCOUNT ” you try focusing on food itself, ala (I hate to say it) the new food pyramid reccomendations? Like, “okay, I know I want to try to eat healthier… So I’m gonna eat 2 pieces of fruit a day, and 3 veggies, and 4 servings of whole grain, and X number of servings of protien, etc…” That could be your groundwork, or base. From there you say, “okay, so normally I snap every 2 weeks and eat a pint of haagen daz and 1/2 a pizza, so I’ll add that on too.” I dunno. But that gets you away from the number counting mostly.
    Good luck, cause I know it ain’t easy! 🙂

  4. You have really inspired me with this idea to try and get back on the wagon. I may be with you on the Food Finance Plan, this could become a cult following!

  5. I like Sassy’s idea.

    Sometimes I like to try to get 6 or 7 serves of veggies a day. It’s kind of hard to eat ANY bad stuff when you need to squeeze all those veggies in. It’s a positive I CAN focus rather than a negative AW I CAN’T (why can’t I, this sucks) focus.

    TA x

  6. ARgghh everyone counts something. My flatmate counts fat and I count carbs. But Im wheening myself off.

    I AM!!!

  7. Ok, there is a LOT of good advice in here.

    JB, I will definitely try the food diary, with accompanying editorials: “Mmmm, tasty!” and such, to remind myself not to take it too seriously. Part of the reason I haven’t done that has been the fear of finding out how “bad” I really am, but I suppose I have to learn to deal with that, too. *sigh*

    Sassy & TA, I like that idea, too. I don’t know about the food pyramid, but I could certainly make my own, based on what I know about my body and the way it runs. I could also build in a “have-to” treat, so that I wouldn’t be able to deprive myself to the point of rebellion.

    Hm. Lots of thinking to do, here.

  8. *nods* Yeah, that was why I kept not doing my budget, too. But remember: there’s nothing bad with what you’re doing now! Your body is appreciating it! You’re loving yourself, even with the junk food, because it’s mental health! No one is perfect. Especially not us. ;-D

    And me trying to be perfect and clean up my act is why it took me so long to budget properly–I kept reminding myself to spend normally. So remember to eat normally, even if you’re afraid of what you’ll find. *HUGS*


  9. Thanks, JB. All points duly noted. 😉

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