We Baracked the Vote!!!

Congratulations to Barack Obama, our first African-American President-Elect.

(Fox News – the American conservative media outlet – is still trying to figure out “how this guy won.”  No, really – that’s what they just said.)

There is a non-political post below.  🙂


8 responses to “We Baracked the Vote!!!

  1. *pumps fist*


  2. Chills here.

    so happy for the world my daughter will grow up in.

    big step for equality huh?

  3. Obama-Rama baby yeah!

  4. YAY! Um, he won by beating McCain’s butt at the polls?

  5. Miz, I KNOW, RIGHT? I’m SO excited!

    Hooray! 😀

  6. They don’t know how he won? Where have they been?

  7. Oh, but folks, don’t you know? All those polls were WRONG! They were the evil tools of that “gotcha,” left-wing, mainstream media!

    So if all the polls were wrong, we can’t figure out how he won!!!!

    *shakes head in bemusement*

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