Food, health and triggers

So I’m having some stomach problems lately.  Nothing that can’t be fixed, but it’s a pain in the meantime.  I’ve already seen my doctor, and I got some medication, along with a direction to change my diet for the next few weeks.

The diet part?  That’s the problem.  I’m supposed to be eating what I think of as “flu” food – crackers, broth, juice, maybe some noodle soup here and there, the occasional piece of toast, lots of tea, no coffee (*sob*).  But honestly, eating that way leads to me not wanting to eat at all.  Partly that’s because it’s just flat-out boring (and at some point I’d rather just be hungry than drink another cup of damn broth), but it’s also because it’s just SO EASY to skip meals and rationalize that it’s because I’m “getting better.”  And the hard thing is, IT’S TRUE: I am getting better physically, but mentally, my head starts getting a little (ok, a LOT) crazy.

The best thing for my body would probably be to just drink diluted juice for a week or so, and then start eating solid food.  But the minute I think that, I hear “WOO!  WEIGHT LOSS!” in the back of my head, which is so NOT ok.  So I’ve been trying to counter it by eating CONSTANTLY.  Mostly crackers, nothing heavy or anything that would upset my stomach, but food, nonetheless.  Because for me, the act of eating keeps me thinking about food, and if I’m thinking about food, I’m more likely to eat.  The irony of course, is that I think I’m acutally eating MORE than I was before I got sick, which is kind of NOT THE POINT.  But I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one, and it sucks. 

*SIGH*  I got nothin’.  No good ideas, no theories about how to get around this.  Just sitting here, playing with fire . . . yeesh.


5 responses to “Food, health and triggers

  1. Oh heavens, I feel your pain…I rather reckon that I have a few food intolerances lurking within me…due to certain symptoms that flair up occasionally, and yet the very idea of getting tested and being given a list of safe and unsafe food stuffs just seems far too likely to send me into starving/binging cycles, regardless of the fact that this should be for health, not for weight. And so, I got nothin’ either dear, sorry, except if you figure it out, pass on the wisdom please?

    (and feel better x)

  2. This is a tough one, although it goes without saying that it’s not even WORTH going down the path of crazyhead, even if it takes your tummy a bit longer to fix I seriously think the key here is taking it at your own pace and taking each day as it comes. And with your creative cooking mind is there anything you can do to make the bland food more interesting? I think you need to keep the food as appealing as possible, as the Bland Factor definitely seems like a turn-off which then leads to “well if I’m not enjoying it then why bother at all” mentality (oooh-whee I got me a LARGE dose of that trigger myself, I feel ya!)

    TA x

  3. I feel your pain. I was stuck on “flu foods” for 6 months and it wasn’t pleasant. The low-caffine thing was the worst for me.

  4. (no. coffee. GOOD GOD WOMAN.)

    I wish I had any great words of wisdom (looks up at TA as she ALWAYS DOES)….

    Im pondering.

  5. Cara, EXACTLY. The whole “safe foods,” “unsafe foods” thing just hits a teeny tiny bit too close to other neuroses lurking in my brain.

    TA, I’m so glad someone else feels that way, too! (Ok, well not glad for YOU, but you know what I mean. ;D) The problem is that I’m not supposed to be eating many spices, either. My stomach needs to settle down, and until it does, the blandess is the whole point. Blech.

    Kim, I finally got off the caffeine a few months ago, so that’s not TOO bad. But I miss my coffee, anwyay: the psychological jolt I get from it, even though it’s decaf just isn’t the same with tea.

    Miz, I KNOW RIGHT? I miss my coffee like WHOA.

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