Silliness . . .

Ok, silliness today, seriousness tomorrow.  🙂   Sassy tagged me, and although I’m not usually a big tag-player, I liked this one!  So here be the rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is UP

1) I do a happy dance.  No, really.  I didn’t realize I actually DID it (I thought I just thought about it) until about a year ago.  I was eating something SUPER-TASTY, and my cousin said, “What on earth are you doing?”  Um.  Turned out I really WAS doing a little happy dance.  Yeah.  Kind of embarassing.  But funny, too.  😀
2) I’m writing a cookbook, and one of my favorite recipes is squash soup.  But.  I refuse, EVER, to puree my own squash.  I buy it in packages in the frozen foods aisle.  Pureeing a freakin’ squash is WAY TOO MUCH WORK.  I did it once.  I’ll never do it again.  That’s kind of sacreligious if you’re writing a cookbook, but there ya go.
3) I sigh a LOT.  I don’t know why.  Oxygen deprivation?  Annoyance at life?  Who knows?
4) I LOVE Disneyland.  Seriously.  I even subscribe to a service that lets you load in ride times and then uses an algorithm to give you the best park schedule so you don’t have to wait in lines.  And I know where most of the Hidden Mickeys are.  And I know which shapes are worth the most points on Buzz Lightyear.  Yeah.  I’m a nerd.
5) I used to be a goth kid.  That’s funny, because this is a picture of me – only I’m super-blond, now.  Like Katherine-Heigl-blond.

Oh, yeah.  *I'm* a goth.

Don’t I look like I should have black hair and blood-red lipstick? No?  Yeah.  I tried really hard to look fierce, but really I just ended up looking like Snow White.  (Then again, that wasn’t such a bad thing.  Don’t forget my ridiculous love of all things Disney.)

So, ta-da!  That’s me, in a nutcase nutshell!!

Rules 4 and 5 I’m shamelessly breaking to say to everyone, play if you want to, don’t play if you don’t want to – it’s all good!  😀

And now one of my own that I did FOREVER ago, but I still get a kick out of :
List 5 things in your refrigerator that are always (or almost always) there:
1) Olives.  Different kinds, different colors, but always olives.  Right now I have a huge jar of green olives marinated in Chardonnay, garlic and red peppers.  They are SO. TASTY.  For serious.
2) A big bag of salad – usually baby spinach – for when I need dinner in a pinch
3) Olive oil (Did you know that if you keep in on the counter, it will go rancid?  Yecchh.)
4) A bottle of red, and a bottle of white . . . (I feel a Billy Joel song coming on . . . )
5) Butter – 2 kinds: the “regular” kind for sauteeing and baking, and the fancy Irish butter that costs an arm and a leg, but is SO GOOD, for toast.
Oh!  One more: French Vanilla Coffee-Mate.  Full of chemicals, and I LOVE IT ANYWAY.  Even though half the time I end up drinking my coffee black, anyway. 

Ok!  Now you!


10 responses to “Silliness . . .

  1. yay! I think you are the only one I tagged that played… 😦 Meh, whatever.

    And the olives? My boyfriend has a weird obsession with ’em. He’ll start craving them and he’ll go buy like 3 jars of olives and eat them all in 2 days. But only 2 kinds – kalamata, and the green ones (spanish I think?) and they HAVE to be the ones with the pits in them. Me? Not big on olives. They’re too salty for me. and brine-y.

  2. Totally random stranger wandering over from JB’s blog, here. *wry grin* But I was struck by the mention of squash soup (and cookbooks! YES PLEASE). I made butternut squash bisque last week. While peeling and chopping the squash was kind of a hassle–this is why it was a Date Night activity, and I could make my date do it–the later steps were pretty painless. I simmered the squash (with almost all the other soup ingredients–stock and seasonings and onions and such) before pureeing. That made the pureeing process itself super easy.

    …And I just realized that this may be what you’ve done already, and am inclined to go away and beat my head against the desk, but at any rate, good for you for writing a cookbook!

  3. Oh my sweet heavens marste you’re so pretty, how can you be so pretty, and why did I never know how pretty you were??!

    I’m just thinking the fridge thing actually…

    1.My brita filter which is now a constant and ohmygod how handy is life now I don’t have to worry about keeping water stocked?!

    2.Apples and 3.cherry tomatoes…because they’re so handy for snacks to bring to work.

    4.Skimmed milk…I was raised on full fat but when I moved out and was introduced to skim by my ever dieting flatmate I slowly but surely made the adjustment and now find anything with a higher fat content to be gross.

    5.Nail polish, because apparently it helps prevent it going gloopy….

  4. Great pic! Definitely too cute to be goth…


    1. 1% milk – tried several times to drink swim milk,but it’s just too…I don’t know..watery. LIke white water.

    2. Oranges…yummmmm

    3. Cheese. Yes, I know it’s fattening, but cannot live without cheese!

    4. Various marinades, sauces (light of course) to make my dieting more tasty without adding too many calories.

    I don’t have squash soup in there but it sounds soooo goood…

    Guess my weirdest thing is that I talk to my cats…should surprise no one who knows me…

  5. HUH? My reaction = exactly the same as Cara ie. HOW did I not know you were so pretty??

    MY fridge is full of condiments. Seriously, it’s like I collect the damn things. I’ve run out of space in the door now and they have to go actually on the shelves and I can never find the ones I want anymore BAH. I can’t tidy. I might hurt their feelings if I throw them away Who knows when I might feel like having hot papaya sauce again?

    AND snapsies I used to be a goth too, like JET black hair two years ago. And now have a Heigl shade of blonde. I love being a blonde though, I feel way more carefree. And stupid. :0)

    TA x

  6. you SO STUNNING!

    now, you gonna go PINK FOR THE CURE? for october?

    come on 🙂

    lets do it. if you do then Ill… MAYO?

    wait. perhaps not.

    have a great weekend, Marste.

  7. Goodness! You’re hawt.

    I also do the two kinds of butter. And I had NO IDEA about the olive oil! I’m off to go put mine in the fridge now…

  8. Hehehehe – another wanderer here (came over via Tokaiangel’s blog)
    I sigh a lot, too – as did my mother. With me, although it IS sometimes exasperation, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly oxygen deprivation.
    And my fridge? Like TA’s – full of condiments! Except for the olive oil. Dang it – who knew? I keep mine in my pantry, which is damned near as cold as the fridge anyway!

    Love your blog – you have such a way with words.

  9. Ok, first I have to say THANK YOU for all the nice compliments! But honestly? That pic is of me after someone picked out my clothes, did my hair, did my makeup, professionally lighted me, and THEN went back and retouched the photo!!! Seriously, EVERYONE looks fantastic when they get those kinds of photos done! (Is it bad that the only pics I have of me are professional headshots from my acting portfolio? I just don’t get into situations where I have many pics taken.)

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program. 😉

    Oh, Sassy, it’s that lovely salty, brineyness that I LOVE! That, and the nice oily texture. Hm. That sounds grosser when I write it down. LOL

    Ki, I have not tried simmering it first. I cooked the squash, then peeled and chopped it, THEN pureed it and added it to the broth. But maybe if I peeled and chopped it, THEN simmered it . . . crap, who am I kidding? It’s the peeling and chopping that I hate! LOL I might be able to buy cubed butternut squash and simmer it, but then I might as well buy the pre-pureed stuff, you know?

    Cara, I LOVE my Brita filter. Also in my fridge at all times.

    And Missicat and TA, I HEAR you on the condiments. My whole door is full of condiments. If I haven’t gone to the market in a while, it’s really funny: there is nothing on my fridge shelves, but the door? IS PACKED.

    (Also, TA, I’m loving the blond too, now that I’m used to it. Took me a couple of months to really get used to it, though!)

    Miz, I didn’t realized I’d missed the pink! I’ll look around and see if WordPress has a pink template for the last few days. 🙂 (But I still think you’re weird re: the mayo. Ha!)

    Momisodes, I’m SO GLAD I’m not the only one with an unholy love of all things butter! My mother and one ex are the only people I know besides me who are . . . er . . . butter connossieurs? (I don’t think I spelled that right . . . )

    Bag Lady, welcome! I see you on Miz’ blog, too! If your pantry is that cold, the olive oil is probably fine. Out here, it’s too hot (I live in Southern California) to keep it on the counter. But you can smell the difference. If you smell it the first day you open it, and then again a few days later, it will smell different if it’s turned. Not BAD, per se, just . . . different.

  10. It’s totally your fault that I went hunting for pre-pureed butternut squash in my grocery store last week, and couldn’t find it at all. So I had to get another real squash and hack at it with a knife.

    I envy you your grocery store. *grin*

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