First things First

I’m back!

Sassy, I will TOTALLY play the tag game, next post.  🙂

Florida was gorgeous.  I was driving along, looking at all the greenery, thinking, “Maybe I should move here – it’s beautiful!!”  Then I got to the hotel and got out of the air-conditioned car.  *gasp*  The HUMIDITY!!!  ACK! ACK!  I decided I liked California.  LOL.

Overall it was a lot of fun, though.  I kept trying to post, and then getting sidetracked.  I figured I worked about 80 hours during the 6 days I was there.  That?  Is a LOT of work.  I slept the whole weekend when I got back.  I’m still kind of catching up, actually, what with the time change and all. 

But I had a lot of time for things to percolate, and I’ve been thinking a lot about some stuff, so regular posting will commence again.  (Yeah, I know I said that before.  But I think this time it’s different.  That’s one of those realizations that has been percolating, and which will get its very own post over the next few days.)

Anyway, Hi!  I’m back!  😀


4 responses to “First things First

  1. Welcome back 🙂
    and yeah, the humidity? Yuck. I don’t know how people live in humid places…. unless they can spend the entire day at the beach. But then again, I live in the DESERT so even Cali seems a touch humid now. hahaha

  2. Welcome home missus, you’ve been missed, looking very much forward to reaping the wisdom of your percolating!

  3. woo hoo!

    glad youre back and cant wait for more details…

  4. LOL Sassy, yeah, I could see where Cali would seem humid if you lived in the serious desert. All those ocean breezes . . . 😉

    Cara and Miz, I’m glad to be back, too! 😀

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