Scheduling my life

At different times in my life, I have scheduled myself down to the minute.  Sometimes I did it because I was JUST THAT COMPULSIVE, but other times I did it because (oddly enough) it was the only way I got to take a break from my super-busy-ness without feeling guilty about not doing whatever it was I thought I should be doing right that moment.  If I scheduled a break, and I scheduled everything else, then I knew when I was vegging out in front of the TV on my break, that I didn’t have to worry about anything else: it was all accounted for elsewhere in the schedule. 

I haven’t been that busy in a long time, but I think I’m just about there again.

I once read (okay, skimmed) the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”  Honestly, I don’t always remember a lot of it, but in there somewhere was a table that divided things into 4 categories: Urgent and Important, Urgent but Not Important, Important but Not Urgent and Not Important AND Not Urgent.  The author’s point was that so often we get caught up in the Urgent stuff that we do that first, whether or not it’s important, and that as a result, a lot of the stuff that is important but not urgent gets ignored.  Guilty as charged. 

Man, I am SO BAD about ignoring the stuff that’s important, but not urgent.  When I get busy, the first things to fall by the wayside are my writing and my exercising, both of which are instrumental in keeping me sane.  And then I wonder why I’m so non-functional. 

I’d also like to drop some weight.  Whether or not I can do that without being a crazy person remains to be seen.  Honestly I haven’t really made an Effort-with-a-capital-E since college, and at that point my efforts consisted of some healthy behaviors mixed in with some decidedly UNhealthy behaviors.  So I don’t know what to expect.  I know what my brain might do, but if I keep it out of scary territory, I don’t know what my BODY will do.  Because of my thyroid (I now know) I don’t lose weight very fast, even when I starve.  That 1-2 pounds a week thing?  Sure, no problem – if I never eat solid food.  (You’d be amazed how sick you can get of juice and broth.)  But I’m thinking that for me, 1/2 a pound a week might be a resounding success.  And frankly, that depresses the hell out of me.  I want it now, now, now.  I’ve always been an instant-gratification gal.  (Hee.  I said “gal.”)  That’s part of the reason it’s easier in some ways for me to starve a little (I never managed to starve a LOT): speedier results! Woo!  *end sarcasm-that’s-not-really-saracasm*

So.  A schedule.  One that includes working out and going to bed super-early (because I have other stuff to get done during the day, and if I work out in the afternoons, that means I have to get up early and do the other stuff).  One that accounts for some down-time and some writing-time.  One that also accounts for grocery shopping and house-cleaning and all those fun things that real life entails.  *sigh* 

On the other hand, I shouldn’t be so cranky.  At least I know what works.  *wry grin*


6 responses to “Scheduling my life


    you know what made me more get that notion from the 7 habits?

    watching and rewatching randy pausch (sp).

    the Last Lecture (Im sure youve seen it)

    for some reason that made it all CLICK for me.

    (oh yes and now Im totally wondering if you need to shed any el bees. I caint lie to you….)


  2. I second Miz on the weight thing, I wonder is it really needed? And even if you really truly want to (notice I didn’t say need to) does it really have to be now this instant? Girl you got SO much going on, why add to it by stretching your resources even further? There is always tomorrow if you’re adamant about it, right? So THIS is maybe the time where Healthy Eating and Taking Care Of Body should come in, as a separate unrelated project to undertake instead! Strength. Fitness. Wellness. No crossing the line. Absolute focus on You and Health and being good to yourself. No numbers allowed.

    (I say this because I always want to go on a diet when I’m stressed. Always. I don’t always do it now though, because I understand the connection and had the AHA moment…)

    TA x

  3. General question for both of the ladies above… How do you seperate “healthy eating” from “numbers”? I can’t see to get there. When I *really* stop paying attention to numbers (i.e. calories AND nutrients/rda’s – because you know, just counting calories is not enough!) I tend to end up eating too much – my portions get bigger and my snacks get bigger. Which I guess makes some sense, because maybe I start eating for my current body size/needs instead of for the size I am trying to get to’s needs. hmmm… so maybe until I get to the size I want to be at, I won’t be able to stop paying attention to those things. Then It will balance out? Interesting thought. Okay, sorry for hijacking your blog Marste, and for “thinking outloud” here…. *grin*

    Oh, and make sure you get some “me” time to write and work out – it isn’t worth it if you don’t! 🙂

  4. Miz, I’ve seen the video. It was really pretty amazing, wasn’t it? I heard he finally died recently, and I felt so bad for his family. As for the “el bees,” (dude, that spelling CRACKED ME UP!), I suppose it could go either way. As far as my HEALTH goes, I’d feel a little better if I ate better, which would result in SOME loss. But my BRAIN would feel better if I lost a little more. (Ok, my brain would feel better if it lost a LOT more, but I’m not going there.) (Really.) (‘Cause it’s not worth it anymore.)

    You know what’s funny, TA? I NEVER try to lose weight when I’m stressed – it’s too much effort (unless I starve, which is easier, but not so good). But that whole focus on health? Um, yeah. I won’t do that, either. I will live on ice cream, Doritos and the occasional shot of bourbon (but NOT with the Doritos, LOL) when I’m stressed – unless I’m watching what I eat because I’m trying to lose. Does that make sense? I won’t take care of myself just to take care of myself (though that’s why I SHOULD take care of myself), but I’ll do it to drop some weight. Hence the weight-loss wish.

    Sassy, hijack away! 😀 Here’s my two cents: I can’t think too much about numbers, or it makes me nuts. I CAN however think about generalities: if I have a muffin in the morning, I’ll try and stay away from sugar and fat the rest of the day. If I had ice cream last night after dinner, there will be NO DAIRY today (because I don’t want my body mad at me). I don’t worry too much about my RDA’s because I eat a LOT of veggies, and anytime I’ve plugged my numbers into FitDay or something like that, I’m pretty damn close to 100% of them every day. I try and eat more according to what my body feels best on – I know I need a lot of protein, a lot of veggies, not much fat and even less sugar. I know that *I* personally feel better with less animal fat in my diet (which makes me sad, because I LOVE cream sauces and steaks) and more plant-fat: almonds, avocados, etc. But I also need more carbs than something like Atkins or South Beach will allow me to eat.

    Um. I think I had a point. But I don’t remember it now. LOL Oh, well. 😉

  5. I feel like you read my diary today and paraphrased it. Seriously it gives me the shivers.

    any success?

  6. Aleta, hi! Things are going ok, actually. Not QUITE the way I planned for them to go, but then, they never do. 😛 I’m still working on that whole “get-up-early-in-the-morning” thing. I used to be a morning person, but once I hit 23 or 24? NOT. SO. MUCH. LOL

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