Insert Witty, Insightful Post Title Here

And that title about sums it up. 

I got back Monday afternoon, but haven’t been able to rouse myself to do much since then.  I think it’s a combination of exhaustion and the kind of food I was eating while I was in Missouri.  My body is all out of whack like WHOA.  I just feel sort of stagnant: physically, mentally, emotionally.  Like I’m swimming underwater and everything is heavy.  It’s weird. 

(It probably doesn’t help that I pretty much forgot to take all those supplements for my medical crap while I was there.  That might have a TEENY TINY EENSY BEENSY bit of something to do with it.  :P)

So I got nothing today.  Except, I’m back. 

FWIW, the wedding was beautiful, and it was good to see my friend again.  I’ll have to make sure I don’t let 4 more years go by before I see her again.  🙂


4 responses to “Insert Witty, Insightful Post Title Here

  1. Welcome back! Traveling is tough on the body (at least it is on my old bod). Go ahead, take a break and get some rest! You have my permission 🙂

  2. Welcome back! Yes get some rest untill our 31 day exercise challenge. Which by the way is not nearly as successful as I hoped. In fact it looks like its just you and me on the exercise challenge so far. eeek.

  3. Thanks, Missicat! I don’t know how coherent my blogging will be over the next few days, LOL.

    Hey Dan! What’s this about a 31 day challenge? I honestly don’t know anything about it. 😦 I usually stay away from exercise and diet challenges, though: they make my Crazy Bitch really loud. Eep. 😉

  4. times flies so fast huh?

    it feels like I just saw my best friend and it, too, has been FOUR YEARS.

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